Grace And Frankie

EHG 151: Spring Forward With Our Midseason Roundup!

John Ramos joins the panel to discuss all the new and returning TV we're mad for/meh on, plus DS9 and the hegemony of Chris Hardwick. 2017.04.05

EHG 121: Loading In With Roadies

Jeff Drake returns to talk about Cameron Crowe's new dramedy series! 2016.06.28

What If The Emmys Started Honoring Joint Performances?

John Ramos knows that for some shows, it takes two to make a thing go right: why shouldn't the Emmys? 2015.07.13

Dance Like Everyone's Watching

Grace And Frankie's two leads get up to get down, and it is amazing. 2015.06.29S01.E12

Frankie Buries An Old Friend, And Maybe An Old Habit Too

The best moment of a mostly terrible funeral. 2015.05.12S01.E04

Should You Come Out In Support Of Grace And Frankie?

A very fancy cast assembles to tell the story of two men who come out as gay later in life, and the wives they leave behind. 2015.05.07S01.E01

Scandal's Hiring A Netflix Star? Why Stop With Portia de Rossi?

A piece of Season 4 casting news inspires our list of suggestions for other Netflix stars who could be useful in and around Olivia Pope & Associates. 2014.07.24

EHG 25: Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, And Trip

When Trip Payne returns to talk RuPaul's Drag Race and historic sitcoms, everyone's a winner. 2014.03.25


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