'Meoww!' vs. Bust Your Windows

It's an Irish drinking song meltdown vs. Amber Riley's moment of win! 2016.11.11

Watch A Supercut Of 50 TV Trick Or Treats!

Get your pillowcase ready: we're about to fill it with a whole bunch of TV's candy beggars! 2016.10.25

EHG Mini: Beach House Vacation

The TV characters we'd match up in a summer share. 2016.05.26

Ayeyeyeyey vs. The Glee Finale Finale

It's Xena's war cry vs. one last manipulative musical number! 2016.03.25

Rumor Has It vs. Elaine's Christmas Card

It's a Glee showstopper with a bonus slap vs. a Yuletide nip slip! 2015.11.09

Rumor Has It vs. 30 Helens

It's a Glee showstopper with a bonus slap vs. a Canadian quorum! 2015.11.08

Rumor Has It vs. Petunia

It's a Glee showstopper with a bonus slap vs. little Pete's tattoo! 2015.11.07

Rumor Has It vs. Johnny Depp, 'Expert' Saxophone 'Player'

It's a Glee showstopper with a bonus slap vs. peak 1980s! 2015.11.06

Mr. Garvey's Roll Call vs. Rumor Has It

It's discovering where A-A-Ron is vs. a Glee showstopper with a bonus slap! 2015.11.05

Stay Sweet

5 teen dramas streaming on Hulu to revisit this summer — or watch for the first time! 2015.06.11

Once More, With All The Feelings

Glee ends as it began: kind of a mess, but full of emotionally manipulative potential. 2015.03.21S06.E13

Listen To Your Heart When He's Calling For You

Adam doesn't know where Glee's going and he doesn't know why, but shut up, you're crying! 2015.03.14S06.E11

The Final Countdown

Did you think Glee would leave us without one last Sue Sylvester meltdown? Think again. 2015.03.07S06.E10

I Want To Break Free

Glee finally lets its new cast shine in the first truly good episode of the season...just weeks before the whole thing ends. 2015.02.28S06.E09

I Don't

Glee makes good on its threats with a wedding episode. We've come this far, we may as well watch it, at least for Gloria Estefan. 2015.02.21S06.E08

No One Can Save Glee, The Damage Is Done

Actually, this was a really good episode! Adam just can't resist a good Bon Jovi lyric joke. 2015.02.14S06.E07

What The World Needs Now Is Not This

The Glee kids take on hip, edgy composer Burt Bacharach, as Rachel faces her fears and Santana and Brittany stand up to intolerance. 2015.02.07S06.E06

It Must Have Been Love, But It's Over Now

Will the New Directions find twelve members in time to compete? Will Kurt and Blaine be forcibly reunited? Will Part 2 of this episode be dumber than Part 1? Tune in and see! ...Or just skip to the singing. 2015.01.30S06.E05

So Sue Me

After being endowed with some depth and development, Sue whips back to arbitrary villainy, in maybe the most nonsensical episode of Glee yet. 2015.01.24S06.E04

EHG 55: Gleeking Out

Adam Grosswirth joined us for a discussion of Ryan Murphy's Law, Grease, gospel on The Muppet Show, and sounds of the '70s. 2015.01.19

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