After Sleepy Hollow, What Show Should Victor Garber Guest On Next?

Sarah D. Bunting thinks several shows could reeeeally use Spy Daddy's help. 2013.12.03

Allison Williams Opens Up About Christopher Abbott's 'Unfortunate' Departure From Girls

And when we say "opens up"...well, just read it. 2013.05.08

Boy Meets Ladyboy Meets 'Girls'

Separated at birth, hunty. 2013.03.19S05.E08

Giving Up On 'Girls,' Again

Turns out I was right the first time! 2013.02.11S02.E05

Revisiting Girls, Your Golden Globe Winner For Best Comedy Series

I heard that it got better after the pilot? But I'm not really seeing it. 2013.01.14S02.E01

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