Girl Meets World

Girl Meets Cancelled, Part 2

Will they stay or will they go now? 2017.01.20S03.E21

Girl Meets Cancelled, Part 1

Part 1 of the now-confirmed series finale has a lot of heart but no substance. 2017.01.13S03.E20

Girl Meets A Christmas Carol, Dickens Winces In Grave

It's Christmas -- ONLY Christmas -- in Riley Town. 2016.12.02S03.E18

Girl Meets Crime In A Stupid Plotline

Maya commits a felony, but no one calls it that because everything is shiny and happy in Disney Channel Land. 2016.11.18S03.E017

Girl Meets Grounded

It's Riley vs. Topanga in the first-ever Matthews mother-daughter showdown. 2016.11.04S03.E16

Girl Meets Ghost

The ghost of Halloween-themed Auggie returns to teach us what life would be like if Riley and Maya weren't friends. 2016.10.14S03.E15

Girl Meets The Cold, Hard, Disgusting Truth

Riley finally meets someone who doesn't like her. Cory tries teaching Health. 2016.09.23S03.E14

Girl Meets Cultural Whitewashing

It's Culture Week at Abigail Adams, but that doesn't mean the Disney Channel will allow Riley to really learn anything. 2016.09.16S03.E13

Girl Meets Ridiculously Considerate And Hungry Friends

All Maya wants is for Riley to stop searching for a teddy bear so Maya can get some tacos. 2016.08.26S03.E12

Girl Meets The Real (PG) World (That The Writers Have Trapped Her In)

Another history class, another chance for Cory to exploit Riley's naïveté.... 2016.08.19S03.E11

Girl Meets A Bridesmaid's Dress

Shawn and Katy get hitched, and Maya has some seriously whiny #feels about it! 2016.08.12S03.E10

Watch A Sneak Peek Of Shawn Hunter's Upcoming Girl Meets World Wedding

Looks like Shawn has an arch, and a heart full of love. And nothing else, at the moment. 2016.08.12S03.E10

Girl Meets A Sherpa In A Ski Lodge

And yes, this time the stupid triangle actually is finally resolved! 2016.07.29S03.E09

Despite Being Way Too Young, Girl Meets A Ski Lodge Anyway

And no, the stupid love triangle still hasn't been resolved. 2016.07.22S03.E08

Girl Meets 'Bad' Maya

Spoiler: she's not exactly a hoodlum, and the cops let her go anyway. 2016.07.15S03.E07

Girl Meets Identity Crisis

A quest to end Maya's copycatting once and for all sends the girls to the forbidding wilderness of upstate New York, where their own personal Yoda awaits them in the form of an old fave from the Boy Meets World-iverse. 2016.07.08S03.E06

Girl Meets Copycat

Maya's identity issues have her painting the same purple cat we've seen before, and Lucas tries to speak up for once. 2016.06.24S03.E05

Girl Meets Bad Grades

Riley gets a bad grade for the first time in her life, and Farkle realizes his girlfriend is way smarter than he is; really, the arrival of both these developments was just a matter of time. 2016.06.17S03.E04

Girl Meets Trolling

Riley has trouble filing out her official (?) Abigail Adams social profile, so she creates a fake one instead. Related: Riley is going to find life much, much harder than she anticipates. 2016.06.10S03.E03

Girl Continues Meeting High School

The very special Sunday episode finds Riley and Co struggling to apologize to each other, while Maya finds a vending machine in the hole. 2016.06.05S03.E02

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