Gang Related

Lunch And A Show Comes Not To Bury Curtis, But To Praise Him

A Cliff Curtis supercut, plus finales, premieres, Alfred Bitchcock, and a casting quiz! 2015.09.28

Fart Faces Of Gang Related: The Godfarter

Javier demonstrates why he's the jefe as GTF gets closer to outing Ryan. 2014.07.17S01.E09

Fart Faces Of Gang Related Goes South Of The Border

A major shipment is intercepted, and it's a real pain in the ass. 2014.06.26S01.E06

Fart Faces Of Gang Related Cracks The Case

As they track a tainted supply of a club drug called, no lie, "butter." ...BUTT-er. Come on, guys. 2014.06.19S01.E05

Fart Faces Of Gang Related Picks Up The Scent

Ryan and the rest of the GTU hunt the Mafiya, and give each other poot side-eyes. 2014.06.12S01.E04

Fart Faces Of Gang Related

Our heroes struggle with going between two worlds in conflict; new post-shooting physical challenges; and gas. 2014.06.05S01.E03

Is This The Worst Brando Imitation On Network Television?

And other non-urgent preguntas about Gang Related. 2014.05.29S01.E02

Should You Get Jumped Into Gang Related?

It's got two boring leads and a bad case of pilot-itis, but it's not completely hopeless. 2014.05.22S01.E01


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