Game of Thrones

The Ravens Return To Rank The Houses Of Game Of Thrones

There's a blonde at the top of the chart this week. Yep, the tall one, without the dragons. 2016.04.25S06.E01

Game Of Thrones Lets It All Hang Out

Come join the party, even if you're already dead! 2016.04.25S06.E01

HBO Renews Game Of Thrones, Silicon Valley, And Veep

So that's your spring 2017 sorted. 2016.04.21

Presenting Game Of Thrones Season 5...With Farts

It's Westeros as you've never seen, heard, or smelled it before! 2016.04.18

Watch A New Trailer For Season 6 Of Game Of Thrones

Don't worry: there are still dragons. And now they have a dwarf pal! (That's what he calls himself on the show, don't email us.) 2016.04.11

EHG 109: Pledging Allegiance To The Americans

Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns to join us in surveilling the Season 4 premiere of FX's spy drama! 2016.03.15

Joffrey Getting Slapped vs. Chung Chung

It's Tyrion's hand warmer vs. Law & Order's iconic sound effect! 2016.03.02

EHG 100: The Final Count-Downton

Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns with the regulars to Downton Abbey's final season. 2016.01.12

EHG 97: Heading Into The Lyons' Den For Empire

Eve Batey and Mark Blankenship return to talk about Fox's hip hop soap. 2015.12.08

Watch A Teaser For Game Of Thrones Season 6

Look, all your old friends! 2015.12.03

The Strain Faces Game Of Thrones In The Battle Of The Desperate Fights Against Undead Armies

Which large-scale-battle episode wins, the NYC band-together stand of The Strain, or the Game Of Thrones massacre at Hardhome? 2015.09.06

Lunch And A Show: Order The Wrap

Season finales ahoy! 2015.08.03

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