A Virgin-Sniffing Unicorn vs. Jenna's History With Mickey Rourke

It's unwelcome attention from Galavant's magical beast vs. a long-running sex-and-murder feud! 2016.03.21

Fingerprints vs. A Virgin-Sniffing Unicorn

It's one of the dirtiest jokes ever heard in a children's cartoon vs. Unwelcome attention from Galavant's magical beast! 2016.03.20

Is This The Last Of Galavant?

Once again, cancellation seems imminent. So is the finale up to snuff? 2016.01.31S02.E09

Don't Worry -- Galavant's Death Is Hilarious!

Seriously, though. There are at least twenty great jokes in this episode. 2016.01.24S02.E07

Nobody On Galavant Needs Princess Isabella

Let's get her expendable butt out of here! 2016.01.17S02.E05

Galavant's King Richard: His Tastes Are Very Singular

Did you catch a small but important revelation in this week's episode? 2016.01.10S02.E03

Shirtless Hunks And Saucy Songs: Galavant Literally Has It All

Let's all start watching ABC's silly musical comedy! 2015.12.31S02.E01

We'll Miss You, Ineffectual King Richard!

If this is the end of Galavant, then at least it ends well. 2015.01.25S01.E07

There's Nothing Funnier Than Death By Plague

A new Galavant tune is wonderfully, wonderfully wrong. 2015.01.19S01.E05

Battle Of The Hughs Bonneville

This week, on Galavant and Downton Abbey, Hugh Bonneville plays two spiritually similar dudes. But who is the nattier chap? 2015.01.11S01.E03

Is Galavant A Quest Worth Taking?

This musical miniseries wants to be Spamalot, and it basically succeeds! 2015.01.02S01.E01


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