Bills, Bills, Bills

TV's most important and beloved Bills (and Williams). 2018.01.30

The Quest To Care About Knightfall

First-time guest Jim Durr on History's new Knights Templar drama, plus Futurama for the Canon and a theme-song victory! 2017.12.06

Voice Acting: The Other Side Of The Glass

Bringing sonic life to your favorite animated characters. 2017.06.07

EHG Mini: Important TV Presidents

The commanders-in-chief we hail. 2017.05.18

EHG Mini: Disparity

Which show had the biggest range between its best episode and its worst? 2017.05.01

EHG Mini: Important TV Dancing

Step-by-step, we put greatest in the spotlight. 2017.01.12

EHG Mini: The TV Cabinet

Staffing up an imaginary U.S. presidential administration with appropriate TV characters. 2016.12.30

EHG Mini: The Seven Deadly Sins

Assigning vices to TV characters. 2016.11.16

'Meoww!' vs. Bender's Shiny Metal Ass

It's an Irish drinking song meltdown vs. what you should bite! 2016.11.08

Everyone On Buffy Dies vs. Hedonism Bot

It's an alternate-universe bloodbath vs. the solid gold champion of vice! 2016.10.02

Picture It: Sicily 1904 vs. Where We're Not

It's Sophia Petrillo's trusty tall-tale intro vs. not being in the universe! 2016.09.18

EHG Mini: No Holds Crossover

Logic is no object for these dream crossover concepts. 2016.08.08

Limber Up Your Fingers: It's The All-TV-Shows 'Live Long And Prosper' Supercut!

Spock would be so proud, if pride were an emotion he were capable of feeling. 2016.07.26

And Now, George Takei: A Cameo Compilation

A tribute to an actor who's really mastered one very memorable role: himself! 2016.07.25

Veronica Mars Tasing A Frat Boy vs. The Hypnotoad

It's an entirely appropriate reaction to being told you're worth 210 points vs. [stares at you, forcing you to vote for Hypnotoad]! 2016.01.23

A Faithful Dog vs. Mandatory Offensive Language

It's Futurama's Tribute To The Loyalty of Man's Best Friend vs. a case for proofreading your memos! 2016.01.11

Face And The Familiar Robot vs. A Faithful Dog

It's a meta moment for the A-Team and Galactica star vs. Seymour breaking all of our hearts! 2016.01.10

Joey Reads Little Women vs. The Finglonger

It's another book for the freezer vs. an highly practical sci-fi doo-dad! 2015.10.08

Neutrality vs. Michael Scott Paper Company Opening Credits

It's a beige alert vs. alternative credits for a new business venture! 2015.05.13

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