Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Watch Full Frontal's Celebration Of The Courageous And Noble Paul Ryan

In case you couldn't tell, we're being sarcastic. 2017.02.16

Watch Full Frontal Explain The Difference Between Immigrants And Refugees

Because evidently some presidents you know are ignorant about it. 2017.02.02

Watch Full Frontal's Report On The Women's March

Get your pussy hat; prepare to toss it in the air. 2017.01.26

Watch Full Frontal Induct Kellyanne Conway Into The Great Feminists In Feminism Herstory Hall Of Lady Fame

Plus! Good news if you've spent the past two months panicking. ...Sort of. 2017.01.19

Watch Full Frontal Prove False Right-Wingers' Choice Between Helping Refugees And Helping Veterans

Definitely watch this and not the Glenn Beck interview, anyway. 2016.12.20

Watch Full Frontal's Ashley Nicole Black Get A Crash Course In Cybersecurity In Ms. Robot

Get ready to get really freaked out about all your devices! 2016.12.13

Watch Full Frontal Enumerate The Ways President-Elect Trump Is Eroding Confidence In American Government

Looks like we're all going to have to become experts on the emoluments clause, for a start. 2016.12.06

EHG 136: Stuffing Thanksgiving TV Episodes Into The Canon

We're pondering possible turkeys for a special episode: all-Turkey Day Canon submissions! 2016.11.22

TBS Has Renewed Full Frontal (And Will Move It To Wednesdays)

Some good news for a very nasty woman. 2016.11.16

Watch Full Frontal's Report On Donald Trump's Cabinet Appointments

Seems like she's not sure Reince is going to be around long! 2016.11.15

Samantha Bee Talks About The Possibility Of A Rigged Election On Full Frontal

It's rigged if Hillary wins, but everything's cool and normal if Trump wins, per certain Americans. 2016.10.06S01.E25

Watch The Full Frontal Team Ask Debate Watchers Who Officially Won

Samantha Bee's crew aired a Debate Special last night. As expected, it was glorious. 2016.09.29

Watch Samantha Bee Beautifully Dissect Donald Trump's Week On Full Frontal

Samantha gets angry, as she should. Really, we all should. 2016.09.20

Watch Samantha Get Real About Matt Lauer's Journalistic Skills On Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

He gets up early to chat about Cheez-Its, so obviously he's an excellent choice for political news. 2016.09.13S01.E22

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