Going Through Changes With Big Mouth

Joe Reid returns to talk about Netflix's animated pubescitcom! 2018.10.10

Drunk History: TV Episode Edition

Using the boozy narrative's powers on notorious hours of television. 2017.12.11


Dancing With The Fictional Stars attempts to improve the original. 2017.04.10

'You Rang?' vs. The Routine

It's Lurch's response vs. the dance that got honorable mention in the brother/sister category!! 2017.04.06

'Because I'm in Love with Monica' vs. That Star Trek Fight Music

It's Bing and Buffay's Seven Minutes in Heaven vs. the soundtrack to buddies in bad times! 2017.02.09

Police Squad!'s "Freeze" Frames vs. 'Because I'm in Love with Monica'

It's the cancelled embryo of Naked Gun spoofing the hell out of one of TV's cheesiest tropes vs. Bing and Buffay's Seven Minutes in Heaven! 2017.02.08

'Piece By Piece' vs. The Friends Birthday Toy Race

It's Kelly Clarkson making everyone cry vs. racing birthday animals! 2017.01.08

Phoebe's Holiday Song vs. Vixy Platinum

It's a partially personalized carol vs. the most hilariously dated and judgy SVU take on the internet of them all! 2016.12.23

Ding vs. Phoebe's Holiday Song

It's ding ding ding ding vs. a partially personalized carol! 2016.12.22

Let's Rank All The Friends Christmas Episodes!

Monkeys! Candy! A Dragon! This ranking's got it all. 2016.12.20

EHG Mini: Making Our Hallmark

Creating and populating our own Hallmark Christmas movies. 2016.12.12

TV's 20 Hall Of Fame Halloween Costumes: The Supercut!

84 TV shows. 165 clips. ...20 costumes? 2016.10.27

Watch A Supercut Of 50 TV Trick Or Treats!

Get your pillowcase ready: we're about to fill it with a whole bunch of TV's candy beggars! 2016.10.25

Watch 49 Very Different Movies 'Sing' The Theme Song To Friends

This must have required quite an intimate knowledge of film. 2016.10.20

The Story Of Ralph Cifaretto's Toupee vs. 'Regina Phalange'

It's wig-snatching and body hacking vs. a commitment to an alias! 2016.09.25

A Closet Case: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 1997 Fall TV Preview

We begin a look back at a decade's worth of Entertainment Weekly issues previewing each year's upcoming fall season with a stop in 1997, the year someone thought you really cared about Veronica's Closet. 2016.08.11

Once And For All: Were Friends's Ross And Rachel On A Break?

Adam Grosswirth and Tara Ariano attempt to answer one of Must See TV's knottiest questions. 2016.07.08

Did Must See TV Spawn Today's Lady Antiheroines?

Liz Ball is not a crackpot; she just thinks the complex ladies of today's TV would be nothing without Elaine & Co. 2016.07.08

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