Flesh And Bone: S01

Flesh And Bone Had The Feet, But It Didn't Have The Heart

The finale of Starz's 'limited series' reminds Adam Grosswirth why he was excited for this show in the first place...and why it was such a disappointment. 2015.11.18S01.E08

Cry And Cut

Flesh & Bone's credibility problems snowball, and speaking of little round white things, Princess is AWOL and Sarah D. Bunting is v.v. unhappy. 2015.11.17S01.E07

Everything Isn't Beautiful At The Ballet On Flesh And Bone

Not even Kelly Bishop can save this show. 2015.11.16S01.E06

Don't Go Near A Bedroom On Flesh And Bone

Mark Blankenship learns that camp humor can, indeed, be out of place. 2015.11.13S01.E05

For a Fleeting Moment, Flesh And Bone Is About Ballet, Not Strippers

Or, to put it another way, for a second it's almost good. 2015.11.12S01.E04

Flesh And Bone's Paul Is A Cartoon Villain: Let Us Count (Down) The Ways

Paul stops just short of tying a maiden to some railroad tracks in 'Reconnaissance'; we've ranked all the misdeeds that made it to air. 2015.11.11S01.E03

Flesh And Bone Leaves Us Flesh And Bored

After a promising premiere, Flesh And Bone is already going over the same steps. 2015.11.10S01.E02

Watch A Trailer For Starz's Ballet Drama Flesh And Bone

The whole thing looks...ahem...on pointe. (Thank you.) (Sorry.) 2015.04.28S01.E01


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