Finding Prince Charming

Finding Prince Charming Twirls Over The Rainbow Finish Line

That's not homophobic, there's literally twirling and rainbow lines. It ends badly. 2016.11.03S01.E08

Finding Prince Charming's Crazyfaces Are In A Family Way

The remaining suitors get to meet Robert's relatives. Crazily! 2016.10.28S01.E07

Finding Prince Charming Dines Family-Style

Will all of the suitors impress Robert's mostly boring family? Or will someone end up in the Friend Zone? 2016.10.28S01.E07

EHG Mini: Fall TV Check-In

Revisiting some of the shows that took center stage in our fall TV preview, and more! 2016.10.19

Finding Prince Charming Takes Its Crazyfaces Two At A Time

Finding Prince Charming gets even more like The Bachelor with its first two-on-one dates; we've collected all the episode's craziest faces! 2016.10.13S01.E06

Game Recognize Game On Finding Prince Charming

The suitors try to show how well they know Robert, but for one of the guys, it's 9021-oh-no! 2016.10.13S01.E06

Logo Renews Finding Prince Charming For A Second Season

Who should the next Gaychelor be? COME ON, LIKE WE DON'T ALL KNOW. 2016.10.13

Finding Prince Charming's Masked Date Is Sssssssssmokin'

We've collected the craziest crazyfaces of Robert's latest attempt to find love amid as many gimmicks as producers can think of! 2016.10.07S01.E05

The Suitors Make Masks 4 Masque on Finding Prince Charming

And if you think that joke was obvious, wait until you see the suitors 'reveal their inner selves.' (Phrasing.) 2016.10.06S01.E05

Finding Prince Charming Stuffs Its Crazyfaces

Does the Bass entrée steal the Crazyface show? 2016.09.30S01.E04

Finding Prince Charming Guesses Who's Coming To Dinner

That's probably the only dinner/sex joke they didn't use. Find out what else doesn't get used, and only needs to look pretty, in this week's Watch/Skip Index! 2016.09.29S01.E04

Finding Prince Charming Gets Its Crazyfaces Even Crazier By Taking Them To A Winery

We've collected the craziest Crazyfaces of 'Sensing A Connection'! 2016.09.23S01.E03

Robert Gets Lifted Up On Finding Prince Charming

We finally get to know 'Prince Charming' a little bit...but is that a good thing? And if you thought last week's hot tub scene was melodramatic: oh, honey. 2016.09.22S01.E03

Finding Prince Charming Kicks Sand In Its Crazyfaces

Robert takes his top ten dudes to the beach; we've collected the craziest faces under the sun! 2016.09.16S01.E02

Chad Is Hanging In More Ways Than One On Finding Prince Charming

The drama gets broughten in the form of drunken belligerence in a hot tub. Just like on straight people's reality shows! But is it enough to be interesting? 2016.09.15S01.E02

Should You Seek Out Finding Prince Charming?

Logo's much-buzzed-about gay dating show is finally here. Is it an equal right worth fighting for, or a trick gone wrong? 2016.09.08S01.E01


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