Finding Carter: S01

The Road To Recovery

Like Max, Finding Carter could use some extensive rehab. What it needs to build on, and chuck, next season. 2014.09.17S01.E12

Don't You Know That You Are A Shooting Star?

Who's putting an amber alert out on logic, and other not-quite-burning questions about Finding Carter. 2014.09.03S01.E10

About To Bail

Everyone's busted: Carter, literally; David, literarily; Taylor and Max in flagrante. And Elizabeth feels ways about things. 2014.08.27S01.E09

Handled With Kid Gloves

Finding Carter's parents don't parent, and it's driving Sarah bazoo. 2014.08.20S01.E08

It's Their Party

And Carter will cry if she wants to...but she still won't ask any questions about her kidnapping, and it's driving Sarah bazoo. 2014.08.13S01.E07

Hat's All, Folks

Carter's pizza chapeau is one of the more believable aspects of last night's Finding Carter. Pass the trope-corn. 2014.08.06S01.E06

Disbelief System

An overall fun episode (Tipsy Taylor!) still had a lot of headscratchers. Sarah made a list. 2014.07.30S01.E05

Finding Carter's Mother Of A Credibility Problem

Using the childhood kidnapping of the protagonist as a McGuffin isn't working. 2014.07.23S01.E04

Brotherly Love

He's written and portrayed well -- and Grant Wilson also reminds Sarah of her own Grant. 2014.07.16S01.E03


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