Feed The Beast

Here's Why Feed The Beast's Tooth Fairy Needs To Pay Pilar An Evening Visit

Lord knows Feed The Beast's ostensible protagonists are in no shape for romantic relationships. So why not assess a much stronger prospect for Pilar? 2016.06.21S01.E04

Feed The Beast Shows How Bruce Wayne Would Have Turned Out If It Weren't For Oodles Of Money

We get a tragic origin story which is eerily similar to the Caped Crusader's, but it only serves as a reminder that if you don't have the Wayne fortune behind you, you don't end in the Justice League. You end up being an Injustice Gang of one. 2016.06.14S01.E03

Feed The Beast's Dion Dishes Up The Lies

The feral chef is scrambling to stay ahead of mobsters and cops alike, so he's abusing his friends' trust and cheerfully setting them up for ruin in subsequent episodes; Lisa Schmeiser ranks the episode's meals from worst to first. 2016.06.07S01.E02

Will Feed The Beast Sate Your Appetite For Foodie Antiheroes?

AMC's new drama is what happens when No Reservations meets The Sopranos. Are you ready to order? 2016.06.03S01.E01


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