Old Lester's Last Hurrah

Fargo gives Lester a moment of dorky celebration before the transition into evil is complete. 2014.06.04S01.E08

Fargo Pushes Molly To The Limit

And she loses it and opens fire on the whole Bemidji police department!!! ...No, of course she doesn't. But what she does is still hard to watch. 2014.06.03S01.E08

Jordan Peele And Keegan-Michael Key Bring Their Magic To Fargo

And improve it just like they improve every other place they ever go. 2014.05.27S01.E07

Which Of Fargo's Crooks Is Actually The Most Evil?

We're ranking the criminals of the latest episode from 'almost an angel' to 'YIKES.' 2014.05.20S01.E06

Fargo's Moments Of Midseason Foreshadowing, Ranked

Which of the apparent harbingers of doom in the latest Fargo is probably doomiest? Tara puts them in order. 2014.05.13S01.E05

Molly's No Marge...But She Is In Charge

How Tara came around on Fargo's lead cop. 2014.05.06S01.E04

Is There A Weapon In The World Big Enough To Give Lester His Confidence Back?

Maybe not, but why not try some and find out? 2014.04.29S01.E03

Lorne's Acts Of Dominance, Ranked

Refusing to show ID at a post office! Stealing a car! We're ordering the Fargo thug's latest dick-move spree. 2014.04.22S01.E02

Will TV's Fargo Be A 'You Betcha' Or An 'Oh Geez'?

Sarah and Tara have hopes, and reservations, after the pilot. 2014.04.15S01.E01

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