Fame Costs vs. Dr. Hoffman's Emotions

It's paying in sweat vs. TV's unlikeliest scream queen! 2017.01.22

Fame Costs vs. Matlock: Surprisingly Violent

It's paying in sweat vs. your Granddad's favorite show's dark side! 2017.01.21

Fame Costs vs. Eat Up Martha

It's paying in sweat vs. a memo on your Newton! 2017.01.20

Fame Costs vs. The Big Salad

It's paying in sweat vs. the reason George won't buy Elaine lunch anymore! 2017.01.19

Fame Costs vs. A Father/Son Fight

It's paying in sweat vs. one of the most realistic TV arguments! 2017.01.18

Fame Costs vs. Doc's Prayer And Swearengen's Mercy

It's paying in sweat vs. the Deadwood 'Death With Dignity' Act! 2017.01.17

Murder, She Froze vs. Fame Costs

It's the most annoying way to end TV episodes ever vs. paying in sweat! 2017.01.16

The Fame Reboot Finds A Home At Lifetime

Nigel Lythgoe can have our updated theme song lyrics for free. 2015.06.11


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