Face Off: S10

In The Season 10 Finale, Face Off Gets Possessed

Possessed by some short films that aren't all that interesting to watch, that is. Zing! 2016.04.14S10.E14

Face Off Starts Its Demonic Finale

The designers do a lot of work so they can be told it's mostly terrible and will have to be redone next week. 2016.04.07S10.E13

The Face Off Season Is Almost Gorn

But there's still time for a vaguely King Kong-themed challenge. 2016.03.31S10.E12

Face Off Puts The 'Craft' in 'World Of Warcraft'

Does enthusiasm for World Of Warcraft translate to great makeup work? Maybe, maybe not. 2016.03.24S10.E11

Face Off Has Its Eye On You

A cyclops challenge raises the question: what does a cyclops use for the winky emoticon? 2016.03.17S10.E10

Face Off Is Your Genie In A Bottle

Some designers have good ideas for supernatural entities. Others do not. 2016.03.10S10.E09

Face Off Makes Spooky Witches

If there's one thing a designer should know how to do, it's make something spooky. Right? 2016.03.03S10.E08

The Season 10 Designers Run Through The Face Off Gauntlet

Face Off mixes things up as the return of The Gauntlet takes everyone out of their comfort zones. 2016.02.25S10.E07

Face Off Fails To Be Whimsical

When the designers try to combine childlike joy with death, they just end up with dead joy. 2016.02.18S10.E06

Face Off Bursts Out

How gross is this episode? There's an entire segment devoted to making homemade slime. 2016.02.11S10.E05

Face Off Goes Undercover

A realism challenge goes to some unexpected places. 2016.02.04S10.E04

Face Off Provides A Ribbeting Challenge

Sometimes you get an alien face that implies a whole civilization. Sometime you get a frog. 2016.01.28S10.E03

Face Off Goes To The Playhouse

Toys come to life as Paul Reubens stops by for some easy product placement. 2016.01.21S10.E02

Face Off Season 10: The New Batch

It's been like three hours since the last season, but here we are again. Get to know this season's designers! 2016.01.14S10.E01


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