Face Off: S09

Face Off Goes On Set

Three monster mini-movies lead to one champion. Finally! 2015.10.28S09.E14

Face Off Enters Endgame

For a finale challenge, the designers have to do something suspiciously like actual work. 2015.10.21S09.E13

Face Off Keeps It All In The Family

Scary, whimsical relatives are the order of the day. And then 40 percent of the contestants get eliminated. 2015.10.14S09.E12

Face Off Gets Expansive About...The Upcoming Syfy Show The Expanse

A tie-in with another imminent Syfy series lets everyone evolve their concepts. 2015.10.07S09.E11

Face Off Lets Its Freak Flag Fly

A circus-themed challenge lets the designers get really, really weird. 2015.09.30S09.E10

Face Off Meets The Mask Of The Red Death

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse make their appearance, and no one makes even a single BoJack reference! 2015.09.23S09.E09

Face Off Undergoes Model Overload

There's a lot going on as the show triples up on both models and challenges. 2015.09.16S09.E08

Face Off Joins The Wig Party

The designers try to turn men into women, and things get a little festive along the way. 2015.09.09S09.E07

Face Off Boldly Goes Where It's Gone Before

The Star Trek connection that's always lurked in the background steps forward to take over the whole show. 2015.09.02S09.E06

Face Off Opens The Doors Of Perception

You never know what kind of a weirdo will be behind a door. But it will probably have a bumpy forehead. 2015.08.26S09.E05

Face Off Presents Too Many Looks

Each of the designers -- more than a dozen -- presents a face. One of the faces is even made of multiple faces. It's face overload! 2015.08.19S09.E04

Face Off Has Seven Weddings, Possibly After Seven Funerals

Another team challenge kicks off the season's first confusion about what exactly 'whimsical' means. 2015.08.12S09.E03

Face Off Titillates With Full Frontal Nudibranch

Sirens mixed with exotic sea creatures mainly serve as an excuse to say 'flabellina nudibranch' as often as possible. 2015.08.05S09.E02

Ol' Crotchface

To introduce the new season, the designers are paired off. And so are the models! It's not entirely successful. 2015.07.29S09.E01


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