Face Off

EHG 40: Getting Knicked

For our discussion of Cinemax's new Steven Soderbergh/Clive Owen drama, we invited Alan Sepinwall to join us, because who better than a man who's seen seven episodes? 2014.08.12

Ol' Lumpy Face

If you don't spend a lot of time sculpting, your creature might have a glob of Silly Putty for a head. 2014.08.06S07.E03

EHG 39: Hear For The Right Reasons

Stephanie Early Green joins us to analyze The Bachelor/ette, Sex In The Wild, and other 'fiancee-type stuff.' 2014.08.05

Hey! Lookit Me!

Guess which of these contestants has given himself a silly name. Go on, guess. 2014.07.30S07.E02

EHG 38: Making Up Is Hard To Do

Face Off returns, and Monty Ashley joins us to talk about it! 2014.07.29

Sixteen People Enter The Face Off Arena

Face Off is back, and everybody's thrilled! But who gets cut in the first episode? 2014.07.23S07.E01

The Face Off Finale Is Out Of This World! (...There Are Aliens.)

And old faces return to help midwife the finalists' looks, aw. 2014.04.23S06.E15

How SyFy Perfected The Reality Competition

Dave and Tara discuss what makes their new reality obsessions, Face Off and Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge, so much fun. 2014.04.02

EHG 20: That's So Medal

It’s time again for the Winter Olympics, and Joe Reid gets to sit up front because he’s a good guy at sports! 2014.02.11

Face Off Creates A Monster

Monsters are cool! Special effects are cool! And reality shows, well, they're not exactly cool, but still, two out of three and all that. 2013.08.12


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