Face Off

EHG Mini: Monster Mash-Up Face Off Report

In which Liv learns what penultimate means. 2014.10.25

The Squid Of Doom

Giant monsters invade Face Off and wreak horrible carnage (in the form of a sad elimination). 2014.10.22S07.E14

Uncool As Ice

It may be time to admit that the goofball who calls himself 'Cig Neutron' is actually very good at this. 2014.10.15S07.E13

EHG Mini: Greek God Face Off Report

In which the dark side of Liv is revealed. 2014.10.14

Mighty Aphrodite

You've heard the phrase 'delicate, shell-like ears,' but how about a delicate, shell-like head? 2014.10.08S07.E12

EHG 45: Homeland Wants Its Spy Mommy

It's a fine, rare episode that features Mandy Patinkin and Carl Reiner; Jeff Drake helped make it happen. 2014.10.06

How Many Eyes Does A Cyclops Have?

This designer decided to ignore the basic definition of a Cyclops, and what happened next will baffle and infuriate you! 2014.10.01S07.E11

EHG 44: Wayney Days

Nick Rheinwald-Jones joins us to talk about the one and only decent cop in Gotham, and also everyone else. 2014.09.30

Fears Of A Clown

Evil clowns come in all shapes and sizes. Some don't even look like clowns at all, but porcelain dolls. 2014.09.24S07.E10

Cold Slither

Everyone makes new snake-inspired recruits for G.I. Joe. It's product placement, but at least Face Off's upfront about it. 2014.09.17S07.E09

EHG 42: The Fall Guys

John Ramos returns to talk about the fall shows we're excited for...and the ones that make us nervous. 2014.09.16

Fun Guys In Wigs

It's not the most productive episode of Face Off ever, but the designers seem to be enjoying themselves. That should count for something. 2014.09.10S07.E08

EHG Mini: Liv's Judge Match Face Off Report

Did Olivia agree with the judges' judgement of the judges? 2014.09.08

Who Judges The Judges?

The Face Off judges leave the comfort of their thrones to compete against each other for charity. It's fun! 2014.09.03S07.E07

EHG Mini: Liv's Oz Wonderland Face Off Report

Exclusive scoop! How would Liv handle working in a team? 2014.08.31

Reimagine This!

Oz and Wonderland are both weird places. What if they both happened at the same time? Something weird, probably. 2014.08.27S07.E06

EHG Mini: Face Off Report

Our six year old Face Off correspondent has opinions! 2014.08.21

Too Cartoony?

It's hard enough to design makeup that looks like one animal. But when you have to do two, things get goofy. 2014.08.20S07.E04

EHG 41: Making It Work (Yum!)

Go Fug Yourself's Jessica Morgan returns for discussions of Project Runway, The Quest, and fandom portmanteaux. 2014.08.18

They Are Not Quite Groot

Designing anthropomorphic trees turns out to be harder than you'd think. 2014.08.13S07.E04


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