Face Off

We Can Be (Super)heroes

Or, as mostly ends up happening...kind of not really superheroes at all. How do things shake out when the makeup artists also have to be their own models? 2015.03.18S08.E10

EHG 62: Facing The Seven Hours Of Music (or You're Talented)

Stephanie Cangro joins us to talk about her beat: reality singing competitions! 2015.03.17

Lost In Space

An intergalactic beauty contest has one contestant pageant-waving goodbye. 2015.03.11S08.E09

EHG 61: Burning Down The House Of Cards

Alex Zeidel joins the panel to talk presidents, drag queens, crackpots, and Vulcans. 2015.03.10

Clive And Let Die

Horror hall-of-famer Barker is this week's challenge inspiration on Face Off. 2015.03.04S08.E08

Larva Nude Girls!

The artists are forced to work in nature for an insect-inspired body-painting challenge that -- yes -- means their models are au naturel. 2015.02.25S08.E07

EHG 60: Tough Cookies

Mark Blankenship returns to the Blankenship chair to talk about Empire, Roseanne, and much more. 2015.02.24

Bridge Over Trolly Waters

A challenge in which facetestants have to create troll characters inspired by specific real-world bridges accidentally points up the biggest problem with this 'Return Of The Champions' season. 2015.02.18S08.E06

EHG 59: Here For The Right Seasonings

Jeff Drake helps us not biff the protein as we discuss Top Chef, The Bachelor, and more! 2015.02.17

It's Like Music To Your Face

When a sound designer creates custom sound effects to inspire original characters, which are actually inspired...or original? 2015.02.11S08.E05

Face Off Tries To Play Its Cards Right

When each facetestant has to create a Tim Burtonesque character based on the face card he or she randomly draws, who goes bust? 2015.02.04S08.E04

Two Heads (And Species) Are Better Than One

The facetestants are paired up for an animal/plant hybrid challenge. How much do you actually need to pay attention to? 2015.01.28S08.E03

EHG 56: Boyds On The Side

As Justified returns for its final season, we're justified in welcoming Nick Rheinwald-Jones back to talk about it. 2015.01.27

Aliens And Monkeys

In part two of the season premiere, aliens meet monkeys, and everyone says 'Rick Baker' a lot. It's fun to say. 'Rick Baker!' 2015.01.21S08.E02

EHG 55: Gleeking Out

Adam Grosswirth joined us for a discussion of Ryan Murphy's Law, Grease, gospel on The Muppet Show, and sounds of the '70s. 2015.01.19

Putting A Voice To The Face

Face Off brings back three past season victors to lead teams of up-and-coming effects designers for its 'Battle Of The Champions' season. Hope you love watching lots of people give advice and build consensus! 2015.01.14S08.E01

Knight After Knight

A season full of neat makeup comes down to a swordfight. Done by people in neat makeup. 2014.10.29S07.E15

The Squid Of Doom

Giant monsters invade Face Off and wreak horrible carnage (in the form of a sad elimination). 2014.10.22S07.E14

Uncool As Ice

It may be time to admit that the goofball who calls himself 'Cig Neutron' is actually very good at this. 2014.10.15S07.E13

Mighty Aphrodite

You've heard the phrase 'delicate, shell-like ears,' but how about a delicate, shell-like head? 2014.10.08S07.E12


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