Face Off

EHG 85: Coming Home To Playing House

Nick Rheinwald-Jones joins us to talk about one of summer's most delightful sitcoms. 2015.09.01

Face Off Opens The Doors Of Perception

You never know what kind of a weirdo will be behind a door. But it will probably have a bumpy forehead. 2015.08.26S09.E05

EHG 84: More Like Bear The Walking Dead, Are We Right?

PTV's resident zombie expert, Omar Gallaga, joins us to assess Fear The Walking Dead, alien baseball, and BS. 2015.08.25

Face Off Presents Too Many Looks

Each of the designers -- more than a dozen -- presents a face. One of the faces is even made of multiple faces. It's face overload! 2015.08.19S09.E04

EHG 83: Humans: Heard Of 'Em?

John Ramos joins us as we look back on the first season of our #1 show of the summer! 2015.08.18

Face Off Has Seven Weddings, Possibly After Seven Funerals

Another team challenge kicks off the season's first confusion about what exactly 'whimsical' means. 2015.08.12S09.E03

EHG 82: Project Runway Makes The Cut...Barely.

The Fug Girls talk Tim, talent levels, and what happened to the once-essential reality juggernaut. 2015.08.11

Face Off Titillates With Full Frontal Nudibranch

Sirens mixed with exotic sea creatures mainly serve as an excuse to say 'flabellina nudibranch' as often as possible. 2015.08.05S09.E02

EHG 81: Let's Give Summer TV A Hand!

Mark Blankenship joins us to talk about the very best of TV this summer! 2015.08.04

Ol' Crotchface

To introduce the new season, the designers are paired off. And so are the models! It's not entirely successful. 2015.07.29S09.E01

EHG 67: Orphan Black Marks

EHG returns from a tech meltdown with clones, superheroes, and Jeff Alexander, who is one of those things! 2015.04.22

Makeup Today, Megaselling Licensed Action Figures Tomorrow?

Season 8's final challenge finds the facetestants designing teams of characters and coming up with the movies they'll star in. Who's camera-ready? 2015.04.15S08.E14

EHG 66: Game Recognize Game

Return to Westeros with our Game Of Thrones experts Jeff Drake and Nick Rheinwald-Jones! 2015.04.14

A Steaming Pile Of Punk

You can see how excited the facetestants about their penultimate challenge: putting a steampunk cyborg twist on stock Western characters (or maybe they're just grossed out by Glenn). Unfortunately, their lack of inspiration shows on the Reveal Stage. 2015.04.08S08.E13

EHG 65: The Beginning Of The End Of Mad Men

Our Mad Men correspondent John Ramos joined us to discuss the AMC flagship's final premiere, D.B. Cooper, man soaps, and more! 2015.04.07

Yep, Here's Your Problem: Someone Set This Thing To 'Evil'

The facetestants get a break from the recent run of cute makeup challenges with one that requires them to make menacing doll characters. 2015.04.01S08.E12

EHG 64: Dead And Loving It

Our resident Walking Dead experts Jeff Alexander and Omar Gallaga join us to talk finale! 2015.03.31

Face Off Kids Around With Some Imaginary Friends

The facetestants each team up with a kid to bring children's fantasy pals to life. 2015.03.26S08.E11

EHG 63: Dancing With The Gladiators

EHG Mark 1 star and PTV contributor Kim Reed is back to wonder what the Huck is up with Scandal and Dancing With The Stars. 2015.03.24


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