Extra Hot Great

EHG Mini: Song To Show

Songs that should become the titles and theme songs for brand-new shows. 2016.04.14

EHG Mini: New Holiday Traditions

New holidays for those same old theme episodes. 2016.04.13

EHG 112: THIS...Was American Idol (And Some Other Stuff)

Stephanie Cangro is back to talk former juggernauts and vintage slapstick. 2016.04.12

EHG Mini: Re-corked

Casting Season 2 of The Wine Show. 2016.04.11

EHG Mini: Kids Today

Revisiting the kids' shows of our youths. 2016.04.08

EHG Mini: Precinct Swap

Making new cop shows out of the old. 2016.04.07

EHG Mini: Jury Duty

Giving characters a break, and a replacement. 2016.04.06

EHG 111: Delivering A Suspenseful Beating To The Walking Dead

New guest Daniel MacEachern and returning champion Omar Gallaga join us to talk about an apocalyptic cliffhanger! 2016.04.05

EHG Mini: Golden Girls: TNG

The four female characters we'd like to see in Golden Girls-s situations. 2016.04.04

EHG Mini: Saturday Night Liver

Our own Eve Batey asked us to throw a six-guest dinner party...using only SNL cast members. 2016.04.01

EHG Mini: Hush Now

Repeating Buffy The Vampire Slayer's "Hush" episode on other shows. 2016.03.31

EHG Mini: Dear Blank

TV characters turned advice columnists. 2016.03.30

EHG 110: Daredevil: The Blind Leading The Bored

Jeff Alexander returns to talk Hell's Kitchen's favorite humor-free superhero. 2016.03.29

EHG Mini: Keeping An Eye On Face Off

Liv reports on a cyclopian episode of her favorite show. 2016.03.22

EHG Mini: A Better Exit

Giving departed TV characters better departures. 2016.03.21

EHG Mini: Next Of Sorkin

Forcing Aaron Sorkin's next TV project on him, against his will. 2016.03.18

EHG Mini: Somethinging With The Stars

Finding things for celebrities to do that don't (necessarily) involve Capezios. 2016.03.17

EHG Mini: Losing An Hour

Proposing a new Spring Forward tradition. 2016.03.16

EHG 109: Pledging Allegiance To The Americans

Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns to join us in surveilling the Season 4 premiere of FX's spy drama! 2016.03.15

EHG Mini: More American Crime Stories

The crimes we're hoping to see covered in future seasons. 2016.03.14