Extra Hot Great

Extra Hot Great Submission Guidelines

Your guide to sending in Canon pitches, Game Time questions and more. 2014.02.01

The Lexicon

Your guide to the linguistic nonsense on Extra Hot Great. 2014.02.01

The Canon

Your guide to what made it in to the Extra Hot Great Canon. 2014.02.01

EHG 18: Steakface

Greg Kinnear makes his first foray into headlining a scripted series with Rake, in which he does not play a person named Rake. 2014.01.28

EHG 17: Looking For Love

Mark Blankenship returns for a discussion of HBO shows, V.C. Andrews, and old-timey reality shows. 2014.01.20

EHG 16: A Willingness To Return To Downton

For our first podcast of 2014, we check in on the Crawleys, and also the Crowes of Kentucky, who aren’t quite landed gentry. 2014.01.14

EHG 15: Crazy Name Mom Jeans

Guest Jeff Drake joins us to discuss the Homeland and Scandal finales and more, more, more! 2013.12.16

EHG Mini: The Most Electrifying Quiz in Sports Entertainment

Testing our knowledge of shows in the twilight zone between sport and game show. 2013.12.12

EHG Mini: Winner Winner

As we kick off Game Time Minis Week in honour of Game Show Week, Sarah, Tara, and Trip are listing as many reality-show winners as they can…Hot Potato-style. 2013.12.11

EHG 14: Come On Down!

Puzzle master Trip Payne joins the EHG gang for a show all about game shows (plus Taxi!) 2013.12.10

EHG Mini: TV Game Night Teams

We assemble our fantasy game night team from TV's roster of characters. 2013.12.09

EHG Mini: Here Come The Judge(s)

We suggest the judging panels that would be so compelling they would make us break our rule against watching TV singing competitions? 2013.12.06

EHG Mini: Homework Shows

Which shows did we watch for way too long because they seemed too Important to quit? 2013.12.05

EHG Mini: Closet Raiders

Which show's wardrobes would each of us most like to steal? We discuss with Jessica Morgan of Go Fug Yourself. 2013.12.04

EHG 13: SOAPnet Goes Down The Drain

Jessica Morgan of Go Fug Yourself joins us as we say goodbye to SOAPnet and Scott Scanlon. RIP everything. 2013.12.03

EHG Mini: American Other Stories

An Extra Credit Mini applies the AHS model to other shows, with presidential results! 2013.11.26

EHG Mini: Small Universe

Today's Extra Credit Mini asks how we'd Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. our favorite movies into shows. 2013.11.22

EHG Mini: The Perfect Song

What shows have used music best to describe a moment, or let characters sing and dance? We looked back and got emotional all over again. 2013.11.21

EHG 12: The Comfort of Procedurals

We dust off The Blankenship Chair for a discussion of cop shows, jazz and crackpottery! Chung-chung! 2013.11.19

EHG Mini: Character Trade Deadline

We're strategically moving characters from one show into another! 2013.11.11


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