Extra Hot Great

EHG 6: Canna-Vale Of Tears

Emmys! Dead pool! TV Forcenings! Happy Endings! Game Time! Winners! Dog Butts! Exclamation points! 2013.09.23

EHG Mini: Deadwood Exports

As all the actors from Deadwood end up on Sons of Anarchy and Justified, we figure out who's next and what sort of role they will play. 2013.09.23

EHG Mini: Our Emmy Upset Picks

Let's pretend for a moment that all the people we know will win an Emmy this weekend... just might not. 2013.09.20

EHG Mini: Important Reality TV Challenges

The EHG gang picks some memorable, important and fun reality TV challenges to talk about. 2013.09.19

EHG Mini: You Might Be A Soap If

You say you're a drama but you might be a soap if you do one of the things discussed in today's Mini podcast! 2013.09.18

EHG 5: You Wanna Be On Top?

The return of reality television's Old Man River, Survivor, prompts a discussion of the state of Reality TV, and in particular, what ingredients go into making a good reality competition series. 2013.09.16

EHG Mini: Serial Killer Arts & Crafts Walls

We've seen them on The Bridge, Homeland, and even The Simpsons, but is it time to retire the TV trope of the master criminal's crafty collage wall? 2013.09.16

EHG Mini: Pilot Project: The Michael J. Fox Show

How much of a chance will we give Michael J. Fox's forthcoming sitcom? 2013.09.13

EHG Mini: Tony's Sconys

It's Payola Report time as we stuff our mouths with TV scones. 2013.09.12

EHG 4: Stretch Jersey

Boardwalk Empire is back but does anyone care? Will Dave hate Westworld? Who's the worst on 90210? Did the Six Feet Under pilot make The Canon? And who was left holding the Hot Potato? 2013.09.10

EHG Mini: Important TV Dogs

Pomeranians have a particularly poor showing (geddit?) as the gang nominates their best and worst television hounds. With special guest and canine liaison Gordon Lightfoot Cole. 2013.09.09

EHG Mini: Pilot Project: The Crazy Ones

A post-breakdown Robin Williams. His daughter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. An ad agency. How many episodes do we think we'll get through of CBS's The Crazy Ones? 2013.09.06

EHG Mini: Important TV Punches

Kirk's overhead double-handed punch of ineffectiveness is a gimme. What other boob-tube cold-decks does the gang enjoy? 2013.09.05

EHG 3: Beeb-er Fever

Allo, Allo! Wot's All This Then?! 2013.09.03

EHG Mini: Dave's Doctor Who Visit

Which episodes did he watch? Did it take? 2013.09.03

EHG Mini: Pilot Project: Trophy Wife

Joe briefs us on one of fall's new sitcoms to see how much of a shot we intend to give it. 2013.08.30

EHG Mini: Fixing Hollywood Game Night

With the season finale about to air, we have some pointed suggestions. 2013.08.29

EHG Mini: Important TV Germans

Sehr gut, ja! Wunderbar! 2013.08.28

EHG 2: The State of AMC

What's to become of the home of Low Winter Sun once its flagships sail away? The gang discusses with special guest Dave Bunting. 2013.08.26

EHG 1: Summer TV

The gang discusses the summer TV season, The Sopranos and Game Time goes down to the wire. 2013.08.22


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