Extra Hot Great

EHG Mini: Lightning Round

It's all Game Times ("Games Time") on EHG Minis' Games 'n' Professionalism Week, as the team tries to identify as many game-show bonus rounds as they can. 2013.10.23

EHG 9: Warrior Women of the Small Screen

Joined by special guest Nick Rheinwald-Jones, the gang talks about their favorite -- and least favorite -- lady bad-asses. Plus we ask if Dave will hate this weird-sounding Egyptian show Fox is doing. Plus TV themes in Game Time! 2013.10.22

EHG Mini: YOU'RE Getting A Talk Show!

Which personalities would we like to see hosting their own chat shows? (Not so fast, Alec Baldwin.) 2013.10.21

EHG Mini: TV Time Capsule

Looking back on the shows that were on the schedule five, ten, fifteen, and twenty years ago this week. 2013.10.18

EHG Mini: Coming Soon To Adult Swim…?

For his Extra Credit, Ron asks us which TV genres we'd like to see spoofed in an Adult Swim-type series. 2013.10.17

EHG Mini: TV Biopic Couples Casting

Which famous couples from history deserve to be immortalized in TV movies? 2013.10.16

EHG 8: American Horror Story Stories

With honoured guest Dave Bunting, we talk about the premiere of the new season of American Horror Story , revisit the standings for our fall cancellation pool... and more! 2013.10.14

EHG Mini: Tara's TV Forcening

The Forcening loop closes with Tara's report on the TV episode Sarah made her watch. 2013.10.08

EHG Mini: Sarah's TV Forcening

Dave picked a TV episode for Sarah. How well did he choose? 2013.10.07

EHG Mini: Dave's TV Forcening

What did Dave think of the TV episode Joe chose for him to sample? 2013.10.04

EHG Mini: Joe's TV Forcening

Joe shares his impression of the TV episode Tara made him watch. 2013.10.03

EHG 7: Hooray For Fall TV

Now that most of the season's new shows have premiered, we review the ones we've sampled and discuss which we liked, which we didn't, and which might be gone by the time you get to the end of this sentence. 2013.10.01

EHG Mini: Syndicated Shows Wish List

From vintage MTV to Noth-era Law & Order to Chris in the Morning, the shows we wish would show up in regular syndication blocks. And Dave has a programming suggestion for Nick At Nite. 2013.09.30

EHG Mini: Breaking Bad Finale Predictions

Will Sarah's initial forecast for a grim ending be proven accurate? With one episode left of everyone's favorite show, we kick around theories both logical and outlandish. (Aliens!) (…Not really.) 2013.09.27

EHG Mini: Best & Worst Serial Killers

The best -- and most annoying! -- super-organized murderers on TV, featuring foreign-language nominees galore…and one pointed omission. 2013.09.26

EHG Mini: Pilot Project: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Can this latest iteration of the Marvel-verse make all that annoying punctuation worth it? What about the lovable Clark Gregg? And how long will each of us stick with the show? 2013.09.24

EHG 6: Canna-Vale Of Tears

Emmys! Dead pool! TV Forcenings! Happy Endings! Game Time! Winners! Dog Butts! Exclamation points! 2013.09.23

EHG Mini: Deadwood Exports

As all the actors from Deadwood end up on Sons of Anarchy and Justified, we figure out who's next and what sort of role they will play. 2013.09.23

EHG Mini: Our Emmy Upset Picks

Let's pretend for a moment that all the people we know will win an Emmy this weekend... just might not. 2013.09.20

EHG Mini: Important Reality TV Challenges

The EHG gang picks some memorable, important and fun reality TV challenges to talk about. 2013.09.19


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