Extra Hot Great

EHG Mini: What's In A Name

Also known as 'shameful name twins.' 2014.07.14

EHG Mini: Your Bad-Assness May Vary

When bad-assness gets adapted, and shrinks. 2014.07.11

EHG Mini: Bad-Ass Brain/Brawn Teams

This bra bomb better work, Nerdlinger! But if it doesn't I'll just punch some people. 2014.07.10

EHG Mini: Bad-Ass Bill Of Goods

That jerk is supposed to be a bad-ass? NAW. 2014.07.09

EHG 37: The Most Bad-Ass Podcast You're Going To Hear All Week! [Explosion.]

Omar Gallaga returns for our Bad-Ass Week discussion of great TV bad-asses! 2014.07.08

EHG Mini: A Visit From A Big-Screen Bad-Ass

We kick off Bad-Ass Week by tapping big-screen bad-asses for small-screen cameos. 2014.07.07

EHG Mini: The Home Games

Which TV shows need home games -- and how would the games work? 2014.07.04

EHG Mini: Behind More Cameras

Which TV show should be next to get the unauthorized-bio TV-movie treatment. 2014.07.03

EHG Mini: TV Teen Star Swap

We swap out the stars who got famous on/after teen shows with the ones we wish had instead. 2014.07.02

EHG 36: Mentally Challenged

Challenge veteran Lilit Marcus joins us for timey-wimey true-crime talk, a cinematic Game Time, and more! 2014.06.30

EHG Mini: Late To The Party

Shows we picked up late...or just in time. 2014.06.30

EHG Mini: TVhunderdome

Their story will shine like a light or end in the dark. 2014.06.27

EHG Mini: Book Adaptation Revisitation

More books we'd like to see turn TV series. 2014.06.26

EHG Mini: Hardly Aging Or Aging Hard?

Which series from the past five years will hold up well for future generations? 2014.06.25

EHG 35: Such Super Ladies

Talking Fargo and Orphan Black with Jeff Alexander! 2014.06.23

EHG Mini: 90s Syndication

Our favorite syndicated fictional series of the Clinton years. 2014.06.19

EHG Mini: The River Runs Dry

The shows most egregiously missing from streaming services. 2014.06.18

EHG 34: Never Poop In Westeros

Our Game Of Thrones correspondents Jeff Drake and Nick Rheinwald-Jones return to Extra Hot Great to discuss the finale. Here be monsters! (Sort of.) 2014.06.17

EHG Mini: After Showiness

Talking Talking [Blank] shows. 2014.06.13

EHG 33: Summer TV Weather Report

Joe Reid returns to talk about the shows we'll be enjoying in some A/C this summer. 2014.06.10