Empire: S02

Empire Goes Full Dynasty

But which catfights and vaguely incestuous weddings are most ludicrous of all? 2016.05.19S02.E18

It's Not That Nice A Day For An Empire Wedding

On this show, there's always further to fall. 2016.05.19S02.E18

Empire Drops A Hundred Bombs At The ASAs

But is Carol's stank attitude the biggest one? 2016.05.12S02.E17

Empire's All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

The Lyons hit the red carpet...red WITH BLOOD, that is! 2016.05.12S02.E17

On Empire, Nothing Says Danger Like A Baby Mat

And other small details that make 'The Lyon Who Cried Wolf' certifiably insane. 2016.05.05S02.E16

Empire Gets A Real Name Policy

Meddling family members cut our (anti-)heroes down to humiliating size. 2016.05.05S02.E16

Jamal's Voice Is The Real Money On Empire

And other small details that make this episode a high (note). 2016.04.28S02.E14

Empire Gets Bogged Down In ASAs

How many press conferences, cocktail parties, and events does one awards show need? 2016.04.28S02.E15

On Empire, Nobody's Got Moves Like The Old White Dude

And other small details that make the latest episode a joy to behold. 2016.04.21S02.E14

Empire's Shareholders Drop The Mic

Lucious will do anything to get Hakeem out of the c-suite. 2016.04.21S02.E14

Empire Shows Us At Least A Dozen Sides Of Cookie

And each one is more delicious than the last! 2016.04.13S02.E13

Empire Lets Cookie Have A Happy Birthday

But only for a little bit. 2016.04.13S02.E13

Empire Gets So Shakespearean, You'd Think Terrence Howard Wore Doublets

But who's the Bardest of them all? 2016.04.06S02.E12

Empire Lards The Bard

Empire REALLY wants you to describe this episode as 'Shakespearean.' 2016.04.06S02.E12

Everyone On Empire Drafts A Personal Mission Statement

But who's the most likely to stick to it? 2016.03.30S02.E11

Empire Puts The Lyons In The Same Den

Well, most of them, anyway. 2016.03.30S02.E11

Who's The Most Valuable Guest Star Of Empire's Midseason Finale?

Or to put it another way: which power lesbian is the most powerful? 2015.12.03S02.E10

On Empire, Every Day Is Family Day

In Empire's winter finale, the Lyons come together and fall apart. 2015.12.03S02.E10

Let's Rank Empire's Greatest Ladies!

Yes, Cookie, Candace did call you 'Loretha'!!! 2015.11.26S02.E09

Empire Tries To Blind Us With Bull

Between the Pepsi, the deception, and the streaming, everyone's eyes are brown as can be. 2015.11.26S02.E09

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