EHG Mini: Making Our Hallmark

Creating and populating our own Hallmark Christmas movies. 2016.12.12

EHG Mini: T-t-t-t-oday Junior

Reality shows have junior versions -- why not scripted shows? 2016.12.08

How Scary Was A Pre-Halloween Elementary?

The good news is that we're not all going to die. At least probably not. 2016.10.31S05.E04

What's The Naked Truth About This Week's Elementary?

A murder at a clothing-optional retreat doesn't seem like a reason to ponder the '80s, Steve Winwood and Happy Endings. And yet.... 2016.10.24S05.E03

Does Elementary Season 5 Start With A Bang?

Sarah Beckham has some questions (including whether she can get a career consult from Jonny Lee Miller). 2016.10.03S05.E01

EHG Mini: Sexy Genie Scenario

Turning network shows into erotic cable dramas. 2016.05.27

Morland Gets A Promotion In Evil For The Season Finale Of Elementary

And Sherlock must ask himself if his presence is truly a threat to the safety of everyone he loves. 2016.05.09S04.E24

Will Elementary's Holmes And Watson Be Smacked Down By An Invisible Hand?

And other questions heating up after the penultimate episode of Elementary. 2016.05.02S04.E23

Will Morland Face Moriarty In Elementary's Upcoming Showdown?

And more of Al Lowe's questions about Holmes and Watson's imminent battle. 2016.04.25S04.E22

Is Elementary's Watson About To Be In Hot Water With Morland Holmes?

Or will Sherlock's new cat become an even bigger nemesis? 2016.04.18S04.E21

Elementary Artfully Dodges Self(ie) Awareness

Al Lowe can't with Watson's weird sister or this congealed word casserole of an episode. 2016.04.11S04.E20

Elementary Keeps It All In The Family With A Sister Story

Lord help the sister who comes between Watson and her man. Al Lowe has questions! 2016.04.10S04.E19

Elementary Goes Into (And Out) Of The Bunker

Al Lowe ranks Sherlock's latest tough and tender moments. 2016.03.28S04.E18

Elementary Calls Upon New York's Real-Life Superheroes

Some of them have even worse day jobs than Clark Kent! 2016.03.21S04.E17

Has Sherlock's Growing Emotional Life Chased Another Friend Away From Elementary?

Elementary takes on The Hound Of The Baskervilles, but the most important moment has nothing to do with any dogs. 2016.03.11S04.E16

Elementary Gets Into The 'Fascinating' Business Of New York Zoning Laws

Even with a bonus love story thrown in, Al Lowe can't with it. 2016.03.04S04.E15

Elementary Delivers The Mother Of All Reveals

Sherlock and Joan head down to Chinatown to answer the question 'Who Is That Masked Man?' 2016.02.26S04.E14

An Attempt To Trip Balls Turns Deadly On Elementary

Meanwhile: like a good neighbor, Sherlock is there. 2016.02.19S04.E13

'Sherlock's Got A Girrrlllfriend! Sherlock's Got A Girrrlllfriend!'

Just in time for Valentine's Day, it's the sweetest episode of Elementary ever. 2016.02.12S04.E12

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