EHG Mini: Dracula On Ootlander

Everyone's favorite capitalist vampire reviews a show. 2017.03.23

Under The (Franchised) Dome

When you've got a great idea, spread it around! Also do it with the Dome! 2014.08.11


Who is Jeff Alexander working for?!?!? Us, as we make him watch 24: Live Another Day, and also join us to talk about it. 2014.05.12

EHG 27: Game Of Chicken

Previously.TV’s Game Of Thrones experts visit to discuss the poultry-tastic Season 4 premiere. 2014.04.08

EHG 15: Crazy Name Mom Jeans

Guest Jeff Drake joins us to discuss the Homeland and Scandal finales and more, more, more! 2013.12.16

EHG 10: Should You Invest In Dracula?

We hope you washed your necks like our host requested! 2013.10.29

Business In The Front, Fangs In The Gums

This new-style Dracula has the scariest plan of all: financial saaaAAAaabotage! 2013.10.28S01.E01

EHG 5: You Wanna Be On Top?

The return of reality television's Old Man River, Survivor, prompts a discussion of the state of Reality TV, and in particular, what ingredients go into making a good reality competition series. 2013.09.16


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