Downton Abbey

Until The Mime Shows Up

Improving (?) shows via random mime insertion. 2018.04.13

A Monster Calls

Turning a realistic show character supernatural. 2018.02.06

EHG Mini: M. Night Shyamalabbey

Outrageous twists come to Downton. 2017.06.29

EHG Mini: Foster Families

Taking TV kids away from neglectful parents and placing them in loving homes. 2017.06.05

EHG Mini: Maim A Character

Losing character's body parts, gaining new stories. 2017.02.20

EHG Mini: Maybe Tomorrow

Matching our pets to the right TV foster families. 2017.01.09

EHG Mini: Grudging Acceptance

The TV offerings we shouldn't like, but do. 2017.01.05

EHG Mini: The TV Cabinet

Staffing up an imaginary U.S. presidential administration with appropriate TV characters. 2016.12.30

EHG Mini: A Matter Of Affairness

Which shows need to split episodes into different perspectives, a la The Affair? 2016.12.26

Snake Juice vs. A Very Carson Christmas

It's everybody being wasted vs. a limited edition album from everyone's favourite butler! 2016.12.04

EHG Mini: The Big Bang For Your Buck Theory

Small-batch product placements from the EHG panel. 2016.11.18

EHG Mini: How Amusing

Packing entire casts off to Six Flags. 2016.09.05

EHG Mini: Hamilton-esque

What show, past or present, should get the hip-hop-musical-reimagining treatment? 2016.06.27

EHG Mini: Downton Gabby

What happens when the Dowager Countess gets a late-night wireless show? What doesn't?! 2016.04.18

EHG Mini: Hush Now

Repeating Buffy The Vampire Slayer's "Hush" episode on other shows. 2016.03.31

EHG Mini: Losing An Hour

Proposing a new Spring Forward tradition. 2016.03.16

Watch John Legend Perform His New Lyrics For The Downton Abbey Theme Song On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Wouldn't we all like someone to come and comb our hair, really? 2016.03.08

EHG 108: Is House Of Cards A Good Play?

Kim Reed is back to talk fictional presidents, Survivor, and Seth Meyers! 2016.03.08

Can Downton Abbey's Grand Finale Deliver Happy Endings Even To Its Poutiest Patricians?

Christmas comes to Downton, but will everyone get to enjoy some holiday cheer? 2016.03.06S06.E09

'My Whole Brain Is Crying' vs. 'It's Not My Place to Say.'

It's the worst idea ever vs. Downton's verbal catch-all! 2016.02.29

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