Doctor Who

Shark! Or! 'Nado?!

It's the game that's sweeping the country: should a show have a shark added to the cast, or a tornado? 2014.07.30

Requiem For A Brigadier

There's one character death that Steven Moffat can't take back. 2014.07.29

Season 6 Doesn't Suck

The back end of the Eleventh Doctor's second season reaches 'Closing Time.' 2014.07.22

Bends In The River

The Marathon Diary temporarily becomes a father-son activity. 2014.07.15

Why Don't You Marry It, Then?

Series 6 launches with a predictably epic mytharc, but a Monster Of The Week episode is the Marathon Diarist's new favorite. 2014.07.08

Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff

As the Eleventh Doctor figures out why time is full of cracks, the Marathon Diarist explores the cracks in Series 5. 2014.07.01

EHG 36: Mentally Challenged

Challenge veteran Lilit Marcus joins us for timey-wimey true-crime talk, a cinematic Game Time, and more! 2014.06.30

Ripples In The Pond

The Marathon Diarist wades deeper into the story of the Eleventh Doctor and his ginger companion. 2014.06.24

EHG 35: Such Super Ladies

Talking Fargo and Orphan Black with Jeff Alexander! 2014.06.23

Welcome Matt

Can an old-school Whovian get with the new programme? Welcome to Jeff Alexander's Who Marathon Diary! 2014.06.17S05.E01

Watch A Doctor Who Version Of A-Ha's 'Take On Me'

That distinctive animation gets the Tardis treatment. 2013.12.12

EHG Mini: Dave's Doctor Who Visit

Which episodes did he watch? Did it take? 2013.09.03

Peter Capaldi Is A Doctor Who Gamechanger

Damn you, Steven Moffat, you're going to make our commentator watch Doctor Who, aren't you? 2013.08.05

Peter Capaldi Becomes Doctor Who: The Complete IMDb Prophecies

Yes, he played 'W.H.O. Doctor' in World War Z. But that was only the latest and most obvious clue as to the role he was destined to book. 2013.08.05S08.E01

How To Make An American Show (out of a foreign one)

It's only a matter of time before every television show in the world has an American remake. 2013.07.03

Doctor Who Raises the Binge-Watching Stakes

Ninety episodes might become available simultaneously. Are you ready? 2013.06.19

Doctor Who? Doctor Kinnear.

Speculating about how 'Doctor Who' will be different with Greg Kinnear in the lead. ...Wait, it's RORY Kinnear? Whatever. 2013.06.12

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