Doctor Who

A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

One of The Doctor's oldest enemies gets a new identity. 2014.11.02S08.E11

Battle Of The Fanciful Alternate Planetary Theories

It's the giant arboreal airbag against the giant egg-moon. 2014.10.26S08.E10

Dimensional Interface

The BBC brass offer Who honcho Steven Moffat some ideas for making Clara a bit less flat. 2014.10.19S08.E09

I Am The 66-Second Countdown Clock

The onscreen timekeeper display from this week's Doctor Who clocks in. 2014.10.12S08.E08

I Won't Be Your Father Figure

The Doctor puts Clara on notice that he's not going to be there till the end of…tiiime. 2014.10.05S08.E07

Extracurricular Extraterrestrial

Students at Doctor Who's Coal Hill School focus-group some of the recent weird occurrences. 2014.09.27S08.E06

Ask A Resurrected Sontaran Commander With Homicidal Impulses

Doctor Who's soldier-turned-butler is here to help worthless humans. 2014.09.26

High Gallifreyan Robbery

Stealing is nothing new for Doctor Who, which is lucky given this week's plot. 2014.09.21S08.E05

Impossible Girl Seeks Impossible Hero

The Doctor told Clara he's not her boyfriend, so she may want to figure out who is -- with this (fake) online dating profile Jeff Alexander unearthed! 2014.09.07S08.E03

Rusty The Friendly Dalek

The Doctor's latest patient follows in the footsteps of Sarah Jane Smith and Captain Jack to get his own spinoff series! (Not really, but let's pretend!) 2014.08.30S08.E02

Two Generations On Regeneration

Jeff Alexander and his son M. Edium (age 9½) talk fan-to-fan about the new Who. 2014.08.24S08.E01

The Clock Strikes Twelve

Matt Smith and the Doctor Who Marathon Diary bid a heartsfelt farewell. 2014.08.19


In the back end of Season 7, everything old is new again and everything else is even newer. 2014.08.12S07.E12

From The Quality Of 'Mercy' To A New City Of Angels

The Doctor's companions have always come and gone, but Amy and Rory got to do both a lot more than most. 2014.08.05

Shark! Or! 'Nado?!

It's the game that's sweeping the country: should a show have a shark added to the cast, or a tornado? 2014.07.30

Requiem For A Brigadier

There's one character death that Steven Moffat can't take back. 2014.07.29

Season 6 Doesn't Suck

The back end of the Eleventh Doctor's second season reaches 'Closing Time.' 2014.07.22

Bends In The River

The Marathon Diary temporarily becomes a father-son activity. 2014.07.15

Why Don't You Marry It, Then?

Series 6 launches with a predictably epic mytharc, but a Monster Of The Week episode is the Marathon Diarist's new favorite. 2014.07.08

Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff

As the Eleventh Doctor figures out why time is full of cracks, the Marathon Diarist explores the cracks in Series 5. 2014.07.01

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