Doctor Thorne

Doctor Thorne Closes On 'Any Number Of Happy Endings'

But was Greshamsbury worth the trip? 2016.05.25S01.E04

How Might Doctor Thorne Kill Off Louis?

There's no question it's going to happen in the season finale. But let's rank the methods, from most likely (and therefore plausible) to least likely (and therefore most fun). 2016.05.24S01.E03

Ranking The Relationship Moments Of Doctor Thorne's Second Episode, From Platonic Pals To A Putrid Proposal

While some characters we've already met show us whether we should care about them or not, one new dude rides into town to gross everyone out -- especially the lady he thinks should marry him. 2016.05.23S01.E02

Should You Fill A Prescription For Doctor Thorne?

Julian Fellowes's first post-Downton series is...another period tale about rich people passing down property. Is it (doctor's) appointment TV? 2016.05.19S01.E01

Watch A Trailer For Julian Fellowes's New Amazon Series, Doctor Thorne

More Englishpeople! More real estate debts! More Downton-iness! 2016.05.04


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