Difficult People

Other Billies, Other Streets

If Billy On The Street's too busy, which celebs should succeed him with a comedy game show? 2017.10.31

TBS Renews People Of Earth And Search Party

Very funny...shows get second seasons. 2016.12.13

Hulu Renews Difficult People For Season 3

And the decision probably wasn't...tough. 2016.10.17

Is It Possible That Difficult People Is Too New York?

And other not-so-burning questions about the show's second season. 2016.08.09S02.E06

Difficult People Faces The Jim Gaffigan Show In The Battle Of The Johns Mulaney

Steam room hookup/Old-Timey vs. Young JFK! Which is the superior Mulaney? 2016.07.12S02.E01

Watch A Trailer For Season 2 Of Difficult People

'I'm an ally. I know Jeffrey Tambor's niece.' 2016.06.23

Hulu's Got TV's Funniest Workplaces

Nine-to-five goes by a lot faster if you laugh your way through the day with these shows streaming on Hulu! 2015.12.15

Should You Try To Make Friends With Difficult People?

Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner live in Manhattan, where they rub everyone the wrong way...except you? 2015.08.04S01.E01

Hulu Picks Up Difficult People For A Full Season

'Difficult' news to find fault with! 2014.11.18


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