'We Changed Timezones?' vs. A Very Dexter Thanksgiving

It's Toby Ziegler, who works at the White House vs. how not to express gratitude! 2016.03.29

EHG Mini: Best & Worst Serial Killers

The best -- and most annoying! -- super-organized murderers on TV, featuring foreign-language nominees galore…and one pointed omission. 2013.09.26

Dexter's Eye-Rolliest Moments

The curtain goes down on the series, but not on our commentator's irritation. 2013.09.23S08.E12

Dexter's Deb Morgan Is On The Trail Of Love

Me: Honest, profane, prone to murder-suicide attempts both real and career-based. 2013.07.29S08.E05

Off The Deep End

Dexter takes a (literal) plunge into (figuratively) uncharted waters. 2013.07.22S08.E04

Excuse Me, It’s Called 'Human Sweetbread'

Maybe one glaring piece of cannibalistic evidence should have been enough. 2013.07.15S08.E03

The Many (Idiotic) Loves Of Joseph Quinn

We have a few ideas for extending Quinn's reign as Dexter's dumbest dater. 2013.07.08S08.E02

2149 Is The Year Everyone In The USA Will Be Watching Dexter

Showtime set to dominate television landscape with amazing season-over-season growth if humanity can just avoid global apocalypse. 2013.07.01S08.E01

Head Space

Anyone with half a brain can see that Dexter’s season opener was pretty icky. 2013.07.01S08.E01

I Am Dexter Morgan's Four-Button Henley

Would I have been better off with a frat boy? Who's to say? 2012.11.12


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