Devious Maids

EHG Mini: The Help

...Is it Benson? 2014.06.12

None Of The Devious Maids Is Sneakier Than One Character's Hairpiece

Reconstructing the thinking behind a wig so shocking we couldn't put it on the homepage! 2014.04.20S02.E01

And When I Get That Feeling, I Want Sexual Extortion

Devious Maids and Hit The Floor want us to think a lot of people are using leverage to get other people to Do It with them One Last Time. 2013.07.29S01.E06

Let Devious Maids Sneak Onto Your Friday-Night Half-Watch Docket

Marc Cherry and Eva Longoria bring us an anglo telenovela. 2013.07.12S01.E03

Marc Of The Beast

After Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids, what's Marc Cherry going to bring the public next? 2013.06.24

The Hijinks Are Coming From Inside The House!

Just what kind of schemes are these subversive ladies hatching? The answer may shock and/or amuse you. 2013.06.21


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