Degrassi Junior High

EHG Mini: C'mon, Give Us A Try

Matching the panel to their corresponding Degrassi characters. 2016.12.21

EHG 133: Looking Into The Black Mirror

Daniel MacEachern joins the panel to discuss Netflix's dystopian anthology, Canadian educational programming vérité, and more! 2016.10.25

'You Were F---ing Tessa Campinelli?' vs. The Story Of Ralph Cifaretto's Toupee

It's the F-Bomb heard 'round Canada vs. wig-snatching and body hacking! 2016.09.23

'You Were F---ing Tessa Campinelli?' vs. 'Tommy... Close your eyes'

It's the F-Bomb heard 'round Canada vs. Richard Harrow, locked and fully loaded! 2016.09.22

Choice Television Mullets Of 1991

From Alaska to the Zit Remedy, the best of the small screen's (show) business in the front, party in the back. 2016.06.02

EHG Mini: Watercooler Alpha

The TV shows that first demanded that we find friends to discuss them with. 2016.05.25

Brenda Shirts, General Hospital Games, And Crying Dawson Pins: Gifts For Soap/Romance-Show Fans

Don't forget to right a fang-you note for those Barnabas Collins teeth! 2015.12.10

Twin, Place, Or Show

Sarah D. Bunting's most memorable television twins. ('DOT COM!') 2015.06.25S17.E01

Pregnancy Tests Used To Be The Size Of Vespas

And other critical information from the first season of Degrassi Junior High. 2014.01.15


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