EHG 155: Is Anne With An E The Red-Headed Stepchild Of Reboots?

Alex Collins joins us to talk Anne Of Green Gables, Six Feet Under, and more! 2017.05.17

Grover's Disco ABCs vs. One Body

It's poor disco conditioning vs. Deadwood's grand unified theory! 2017.04.12

EHG Mini: Girls Off Film

The characters we'd like to spin off -- and never see again. 2017.03.10

EHG Mini: FMK III: The Re-en-FMKening

Glark makes us marry chickens, remote control buttons, and more. 2017.02.24

Fame Costs vs. Doc's Prayer And Swearengen's Mercy

It's paying in sweat vs. the Deadwood 'Death With Dignity' Act! 2017.01.17

EHG Mini: Welcome To F**king Pastrami!

The best sandwich to enjoy while binge-watching Deadwood. 2016.12.07

Battle Of The Deadwood Saloons

'No law at all in Deadwood.' But there were plenty of bars! 2016.08.18

Welcome To Booze Week!

Raising the bar on our coverage of TV drinks (and drunkenness). 2016.08.15

EHG 122: The Night Of At The EHG Round Table

Allison Lowe Huff returns for a discussion of HBO's prestige remake, plus Deadwood, DB Cooper, and...eggs? 2016.07.12

The Turn & Smile At The Camera Opening Credits Cliche vs. Al Swearengen Passing A Kidney Stone

It's that thing they used to do in all the opening credits that both horrified and entranced you vs. the most through-your-finger two and a half minutes of TV viewing ever! 2016.07.08

EHG Mini: Crappily Ever After

Picking back up with beloved TV couples. 2016.07.01

Slap Bet vs. Deadwood's Proxy Fight

It's the ongoing torment of Barney Stinson vs. keeping an eye out for Hearst's henchman! 2016.02.04

EHG Mini: One More But That's It

The shows that deserve a final season...and then no mas. 2016.01.13

How Excited Should We Really Get About This Report Of A Deadwood Movie?

Get the cans of peaches out of the cupboard, but maybe don't open them yet. 2016.01.08

EHG Mini: Favourite Show

The shows that own our hearts. 2015.12.10

EHG Mini: Related People You Might Like

Exploring TV characters' family trees. 2015.11.20

EHG Mini: The New Bunheads

Dance like your renewal depends on it! 2015.10.06

The Powers And The Glory

Lunch And A Show on special abilities, sad songs, eighties sci-fi, and Jim Jones. 2015.09.30

EHG Mini: Brandon Explains Things

Airdropping the superior (just ask him) Walsh twin into other shows and seeing what becomes of him when he takes the Bransplaining too far. 2015.09.18

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