Dawson’s Creek

Probing A Rebooted Roswell, New Mexico

Dan Blau Rogge returns to discuss the extraneous extraterrestrial 'reimagining' of the 'classic' WB show, plus a Getting On for the Canon, and more! 2019.01.16


Rebooting lily-white teen shows with more diverse casts. 2018.01.29

Once Upon A Williamson

Suggesting the Dawson's Creek stars who should populate Kevin Williamson's new 'dark fairy tale.' 2017.12.14

Happy Little Trees vs. The True Love

It's Bob Ross' uber chill forest vs. Pacey's improbably seaworthy vessel of love! 2017.02.25

TV's 20 Hall Of Fame Halloween Costumes: The Supercut!

84 TV shows. 165 clips. ...20 costumes? 2016.10.27

What's Missing From Your Next Binge-Watch? TV-Inspired Cocktail Recipes!

Our contributors have recipes for drinks to class up your next viewing party! 2016.08.19

Remember The Dawson's Creek When Dawson Got Puking Drunk

Getting ripped up on rum and cokes isn't the greatest look, yet it made everyone's least favorite directorial wunderkind almost likable for a few minutes. 2016.08.18S02.E16

Welcome To Booze Week!

Raising the bar on our coverage of TV drinks (and drunkenness). 2016.08.15

Up A Creek Without A Pfeiffer: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 1998 Fall TV Preview

In our second stop through the back catalog of decades-old Fall TV Preview issues, Entertainment Weekly discovers that The WB is an honest-to-god network. Sadly, it makes the same discovery about UPN. 2016.08.12

EHG Mini: No Holds Crossover

Logic is no object for these dream crossover concepts. 2016.08.08

EHG 125: The Question Is Zoot

Is an all-'Is This Worse Than Jazz?' episode of Extra Hot Great worse than jazz? Prepare to find out! 2016.08.02

Limber Up Your Fingers: It's The All-TV-Shows 'Live Long And Prosper' Supercut!

Spock would be so proud, if pride were an emotion he were capable of feeling. 2016.07.26

EHG Mini: OK. Fine.

When hated characters won us over. 2016.06.15

Brenda Shirts, General Hospital Games, And Crying Dawson Pins: Gifts For Soap/Romance-Show Fans

Don't forget to right a fang-you note for those Barnabas Collins teeth! 2015.12.10

A Movie Wrapped In A TV Show Nestled Inside A Website

Plus, we wrap up Jessica Jones in more ways than one in Lunch And A Show. 2015.12.04

Joey Potter's Wall vs. Mystery-Solving Gymnasts

It's your TV boyfriend's grandest romantic gesture vs. a show that's a little uneven bars! 2015.10.17

Joey Potter's Wall vs. Roy

It's your TV boyfriend's grandest romantic gesture vs. a life well lived! 2015.10.16

Sawyer Reads Judy Blume vs. Joey Potter's Wall

It's Lost's bad boy reading about menstruation vs. your TV boyfriend's grandest romantic gesture! 2015.10.15

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