Dancing With The Stars: S20

This Is The End

Everyone returns for another turn around the dance floor before the finalists get judged and the winner is announced. 2015.05.20S20.E14

Last Chance, Last Dance

The final three couples perform two last dances for one shot at winning the whole thing. 2015.05.19S20.E13

On The Road To The Finals

There's a lot of fooferaw and ballyhoo before we finally get down to the final elimination and find out which three couples are headed for the finals. 2015.05.13S20.E12

Expert Advice

The judges each get to choose a dance style and concept for one couple, with heartwarming results. 2015.05.12S20.E11

No, You're Over The Rainbow

The separate results shows are back for some unknown reasons. How much of it is unmissable? 2015.05.06S20.E10

Right To Vote

America gets to choose the dances, the songs, and the costumes. America makes terrible choices. 2015.05.05S20.E09

Remember The Time

Trying to capture ten years and twenty seasons in an hour is tough, but let's give it a shot. 2015.04.29S20.E08

Through The Years

The couples have to perform dances in the style of a particular historical era, or at least pay lip service to that notion. 2015.04.28S20.E07

Any Excuse For A Beach Party

Because then you get to play Beach Boys music and put all the ladies in bikinis, right? 2015.04.21S20.E06

Happiest Ballroom On Earth

The dancers get their corporate synergy on by choosing Disney themes for their waltzes and foxtrots. 2015.04.14S20.E05

Making Memories

The celebrities have to choose a song to represent their most memorable year. Some of them have really short memories. 2015.04.07S20.E04

Turn The Beat Around

Latin night brings successful sambas and ridiculous rumbas as the amount of rehearsal starts to show in the final product. 2015.03.31S20.E03

In Da Club

The celebs get to pick their favorite songs. (You might be surprised by Patti LaBelle's pick, but you won't be sad about it.) 2015.03.24S20.E02

Rumer Has It

The usual onslaught of has-beens and who-dats kicks off the twentieth season of sequins and spray tans, with a stand-out performance by Rumer Willis. 2015.03.17S20.E01


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