EHG Mini: Brother From Another Broadcaster

Letting TV actors trade shows and characters. 2017.05.05

EHG Mini: T-t-t-t-oday Junior

Reality shows have junior versions -- why not scripted shows? 2016.12.08

Irregularities In The Pension Fund vs. C.S.I. Opening Quip Par Excellence

It's doing what Don Draper only dreamed of vs. a fantastic, disgusting crime scene snap! 2016.09.11

Remember The Titans: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2000 Fall TV Preview

The turn-of-the-millennium issue can't shake a last-century feel in this fourth reassessment of Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Previews, as 1990s monsters and tired premises go out with a whimper, not a bang. 2016.08.22

So Long, C.S.I., And Thanks For All The Ick

The same traits that kept people tuning in to C.S.I. -- low-stakes episodic storytelling larded through with flashy special effects -- will be why this show will quietly fade into history. 2015.09.28S06.E01

It's Getting (Fingerprint-) Dusty In Here

Lunch And A Show bids farewell to CSI. Vote for your favorite tertiary TV techs! 2015.09.18

Leaving Las Vegas

Is famous original CSI worth another spin? 2013.05.16S13.E22


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