Crossing Lines

Welcome To The Shallow End Of The Pool

A brief history of craptastical viewing decisions Buntsy has made using a TV Fox-o-Meter she spilled Dr Pepper on in today's Lunch And A Show. 2015.11.13

EHG Mini: Take A Gimmick, Leave A Gimmick

Giving TV tropes a break and replacing them with new ones. 2015.02.27

Should You Reset Your Boundaries With Crossing Lines?

First of all, yes, 'that's still on.' I know! Second of all: maybe? 2015.02.23

Crossing Lines Takes Itself Reeeeally Seriously, You Guys

This commentator is unable to do so (...killer trucks, come on), and will be over here rewatching Alias instead. 2013.07.08S01.E07

Is Crossing Lines Done To Death?

And other questions about a show this author is only watching out of love for Fichtner. 2013.06.24S01.E01