Crazy Hearts: Nashville

You Made Me Love You

I didn't want to do it -- and, in the end, neither did A&E, which C-A-N-C-E-L-E-D its charmingly low-key Nashville reality show. 2014.03.19S01.E08

Nut Gain

Billups drinks Jack straight from the bottle, but is the sanest Heart on the latest Crazy Hearts: Nashville. 2014.03.05S01.E07

Jimmy Hate

Who has the craziest heart on Crazy Hearts: Nashville? …Yes, "that's still on." Check it out! 2014.02.26S01.E06

Songs In The Key Of Eesh

Crazy Hearts: Nashville's hardest-trying try-hard takes the stage. 2014.01.31S01.E04

Real-Feel Temperature: Fifty Below Leroy

The polar vortex reaches Nashville. 2014.01.24S01.E03

Is Crazy Hearts: Nashville Country Strong?

Sarah's surprising response to the pilot. 2014.01.15S01.E01


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