Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The Sexy Getting Ready Song vs. Prince Blackadder The Punchable

It's some nasty-ass patriarchal bullshit vs. 'TEEEEAAAAA!'! 2017.04.21

The Sexy Getting Ready Song vs. Chicago Sunroof

It's some nasty-ass patriarchal bullshit vs. a brutal automotive own! 2017.04.20

Queequeg vs. The Sexy Getting Ready Song

It's a precocious pup vs. some nasty-ass patriarchal bullshit! 2017.04.19

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Puts Herself First

The event we've been building to all season is finally here. It's like the big finale to a musical or something! 2017.02.03S02.E13

Watch 'Period Sex,' The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Video Too Dirty To Air On The CW

To be fair, it does contain the lyric 'slip and slide into some period sex.' 2017.01.30

Wedding Planning Goes Down The Crapper On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

If you thought Rebecca was nuts in her pursuit of Josh, wait until you see how she does a DIY wedding. 2017.01.27S02.E12

EHG Mini: Shrinkage

Shows that would work better at a shorter runtime. 2017.01.27

Is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend About To Face A Crazy Sexual Harassment Lawsuit?

And other questions sparked as the show finds 'love' in an elevator and its quality goes dooooowwwwwwwn. 2017.01.20S02.E11

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Gets A Boost From A Broadway Legend

Will it leave her high-flying adored, or crying for Argentina? 2017.01.13S02.E10

EHG Mini: Drag Queen Adoptions

Actors who need adopting into Drag Race families. 2017.01.13

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Gets A New Villain

...and an old boyfriend. Is it one step forward and two steps back? 2017.01.06S02.E09

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Finds A New Way To Give Good Parent

Rebecca loses someone else's child, but gains so much more, on a very special (not really) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 2017.01.06S02.E08

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Always Got By On Her Own

She never really cared until she met you. But now Josh's cool new girlfriend chills her to the bone! 2016.12.09S02.E07

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Latest Breakup Cuts The Deepest

Rebecca's latest heartbreak may be too much to bear -- for her, and for our commentator. 2016.12.02S02.E06

Valencia's Diet Is Changing, And So Is Everything Else On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A major cast departure, new friendships, and Valencia eating carbs. It's great for the characters, but is it good for the show? 2016.11.18S02.E05

EHG Mini: The Seven Deadly Sins

Assigning vices to TV characters. 2016.11.16

EHG 135: The EHG Crime Omnibus: It's Killer

Eve Batey helps us review every subgenre of crime show, plus NBC-shaming, pot-delivery feels, and more! 2016.11.15

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Taps Into Some Feelings

Rebecca's haunted by the ghosts of boyfriends past, Paula and Heather are worried about her future, and a new client wants to keep everything fresh. 2016.11.11S02.E04

'Meoww!' vs. Cup of Boba, West Covina

It's an Irish drinking song meltdown vs. a cultural bubble-bursting hangout! 2016.11.10

Rebecca Drops A Bombshell On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca hangs the moon on what she believes to be a sign from fate, but when she gives all the heart will it make Josh cut, print, and move on? Poor Rebecca; they just keep moving the line! 2016.11.04S02.E03

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