Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy Investigates The Question Of Whether Rocky Is Scared Of Janice

...Wouldn't you be? Meanwhile, Joe and Kaylin find their way back to the house to resume working on their relationship/being on TV. 2015.10.29S06.E05

Couples Therapy Asks For Patients' Saliva, So That Dr. Jenn May Test Their Love

The latest installment offers genetic testing, an early departure, yelling, and more furs. 2015.10.22S06.E04

Baby, I'm A-maze-d (That We're Still In This Relationship)

Adventures in attempted escape, texting disasters, and higher education. 2015.10.15S06.E03

Survivors Move Beaches, Couples Move Into Therapy And Everyone Moves In To The American Horror Story: Hotel

Everyone's figuring out where to hang their paintings and/or machetes in Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.08

It's Not Your Fault! (Except It Totally Is)

A new couple arrives, everyone's deflecting, and there's a grocery-list problem. 2015.10.08S06.E02

No Furniture Is Thrown In The Season 6 Premiere Of Couples Therapy

Don't worry. There's still plenty of time for that. 2015.10.07S06.E01

Casting For The Couples Therapy Couch

VH1 wants us, the viewing public, to tell them who should star in the upcoming sixth season of Couples Therapy. We obliged. 2015.01.15

Dr. Jenn Fixed Juan Pablo And Nikki Forever!

As long as you have no follow-up questions and don't read entertainment news! 2014.11.13S05.E10

Regrets, Treach's Dad's Had A Few

As Kent ponders whether he maybe really did screw up his child, Jenna gets the location of her mother's grave, and Deena and Chris fight about...massages. (Not a euphemism.) 2014.11.06S05.E09

Juan Pablo And Nikki Continue Their Inevitable March To Breakupville

And elsewhere, Treach reconnects with his terrible father. 2014.10.30S05.E08

It Was A Therapeutic Smash

If there's a better way to deal with childhood trauma than destroying a bunch of props with a baseball bat, Couples Therapy has never heard of it. 2014.10.23S05.E07

Jenna's Back In Her Serious Glasses For A Serious Disclosure

While Jenna shares with Dr. Jenn the horrific details of her past, Nikki and Juan Pablo are somehow still fighting about how he won't say 'I love you' even though, at this point, would you? 2014.10.16S05.E06

Couples Therapy Dabbles In Truthiness

Dr. Jenn introduces four of the couples to the human lie detector. (Jenna and John are excused because Jenna is, somehow, still pouting about Dr. Jenn being so mean to her.) 2014.10.09S05.E05

Turns Out There Was More To Dick's Breakup With Stephanie Than Just The Fact That He's Dick

Although his still using a wallet chain at age fifty was almost certainly part of it too. 2014.10.02S05.E04

Juan Pablo Thinks Nikki's Feelings Are Hilarious

The sociopath continues ruining his not-fiancée's life. 2014.09.25S05.E03

EHG 42: The Fall Guys

John Ramos returns to talk about the fall shows we're excited for...and the ones that make us nervous. 2014.09.16

'I'm Sorry, But One Does NOT Side With Farrah Over Tyler And Catelynn. One Simply Does Not.'

Our experts Stephanie Green and Tara Ariano break down the second half of Couples Therapy's first-ever reunion 'special.' 2014.09.11

Juan Pablo Seeks Couples Therapy Even Though...Are He And Nikki A Couple?

Also present are alumni of Jersey Shore, Big Brother, Naughty By Nature, and (coming soon) (as it were): porn! Let's map out what you can skip. 2014.09.10S05.E01

Consciously Re-Couple-ing

Some Couples Therapy alumni have assembled for a reunion! Which, if any, are we pulling for? 2014.09.03

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