Cougar Town

Jules Cobb's Yearbook Photo vs. "Norm!"

It's a Cougar Town character's past glory vs. the greeting for Cheers' most consistent patron! 2015.07.14

Jules Cobb's Yearbook Photo vs. Dean And Castiel's First Meeting

It's a Cougar Town character's past glory vs. the first appearance of the prettiest angel in the garrison! 2015.07.13

"I Shall Meet You at the Monorail" vs. Jules Cobb's Yearbook Photo

It's an X-Men rendezvous plan vs. a Cougar Town character's past glory! 2015.07.12

Which Shows Should Lust After Lutz?

Lining up new gigs for Playing House's latest comedy-royalty guest star. 2014.05.21S01.E05

Guys Know What Guys Like

Cougar Town tells us how Bro Day got its name. 2014.02.19S05.E07

Cougar Town Brings Us A New Shade Of Ellie

It's hard to believe, but when the situation requires it, Ellie can actually be...charming. And the strain of it just makes Tara love her more. 2014.01.29S05.E04

Cordial Freddy Krueger

On Cougar Town, exposing a small child to A Nightmare On Elm Street requires some damage control. 2014.01.07S05.E01

EHG Mini: TV Episode Title Judgment Day

The one where we look at episode naming conventions. 2013.11.07

EHG Mini: Important TV Dogs

Pomeranians have a particularly poor showing (geddit?) as the gang nominates their best and worst television hounds. With special guest and canine liaison Gordon Lightfoot Cole. 2013.09.09

Who Missed Stan?

Was it you? Show yourself! 2013.02.27S04.E08

Bobby Has Found His Soulmate

His soulmate's name is Dog Travis. 2013.02.20S04.E07

Meet Gayson!

It's what you get when Grayson grows a moustache and puts on a cowboy hat. 2013.01.16S04.E02

Another Seinfeld Girlfriend Comes To Cougar Town

Surely there's room for more Seinfeld alumnae on the cul-de-sac? 2012.08.28


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