Cop Rock

Does The Howards End Justify The Means?

Doree Shafrir weighs in on the decor porn and dialectics of the Starz miniseries, plus Big Little Lies for the Canon. 2018.04.11

EHG Mini: Hamilton-esque

What show, past or present, should get the hip-hop-musical-reimagining treatment? 2016.06.27

The Fat Lady Sings On Cop Rock…Literally

Which, per Sarah D. Bunting and Adam Grosswirth, is the show and all its problems in a nutshell. Er, 'on a swing.' 2016.06.15

EHG 119: Tackling O.J.: Made In America

Stephanie Green returns to discuss the premiere of 30 For 30's special miniseries event. 2016.06.14

Adam And Sarah's Cop Rock Rewatch: 'And Then There Was The Rapping'

Improved musicality, continued problems with blocking, Issues Writing, and...Candyman? 2016.06.08

'What Is The Music In Cop Rock?'

At the midpoint of the series 'run,' Adam and Sarah discuss episode titles, guest stars, and treacly ballads. 2016.06.01

'It's The Songwriting Equivalent Of Rearranging The Magnetic Letters On A Friend's Fridge To Spell "Fart"'

Adam and Sarah don't think they entirely understand what's going on in Cop Rock as their rewatch tackles baby brokers and heartbroken mud-wrestlers. 2016.05.25

In Which Cop Rock, Alas, Does Not

Adam Grosswirth and Sarah D. Bunting begin a rewatch of the notoriously misbegotten musical cop show. 2016.05.04


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