Clone High

Mary's Beret vs. 'What's up, fellow students?'

It's an iconic hat-toss vs. a fool-proof way to blend in with the teens! 2017.02.20

Picture It: Sicily 1904 vs. Genghis Khan's 'Ave Maria'

It's Sophia Petrillo's trusty tall-tale intro vs. a mournful tune from an unlikely performer! 2016.09.19

John Stamos Is Giving '80s Soaps The UnREAL Treatment

He's making the project sound pretty dark, but we're kind of hoping for a Soapdish-meets-Grosse Pointe joint. 2016.09.16

Let's Send Off Clone High With A Memorial Finale Gif Party

Send it off AGAIN, that is, as MTV Classic comes to the end of its run, and so must we all. (Again.) 2016.09.16S01.E13

Are You Thinking What Clone High Is Thinking? MAKEOVER!

Makeover makeover, makeover makeover, makeover makeover MAKE O VER!!! 2016.09.09S01.E12

Clone High's Ponce Faces Beverly Hills, 90210's Dylan In The Battle Of The Lukes Perry

Which wrinkly-foreheaded high schooler is superior? 2016.09.02S01.E10

The Best Moment Of Clone High's Raisin Rock Opera Isn't Musical, But It Is About Getting Thrice Laid

Oh, Geldemore. Keep doing you; the right clone will come along eventually. 2016.08.26S01.E08

Clone High Lets JFK Consider Mounting A Flex Offense On His Basketball Teammate, 'John D'Arc'

JFK finds himself intrigued by a new member of Clone High's basketball team. Confused, but intrigued! 2016.08.19S01.E06

EHG 126: Big Draw: Animated Shows For Grown-Ups

Monty Ashley joins us to talk cartoons that aren't just kid stuff -- plus a gold-medal Game Time! 2016.08.16

9 Reasons To Watch Clone High That Only Someone Who's Watched It 500 Times Can Tell You

Confined to the first two episodes of the season, airing tonight, because otherwise it would be 9000 reasons. 2016.08.04S01.E01

EHG Mini: Clunk High

Choosing the least-good episode of a mostly good show. 2015.12.11

Lunch And A Show: 01101010010001

Android uteri, all-time worsts, and a Mr. Butlertron supercut. Play it again, Weehhhhsleehhhhhh. 2015.07.30

EHG 74: Hannibal: Food, Sex, And Death

The gang had an old friend for dinner when Joe Reid stopped by to talk Hannibal and the Emmys. Bon appetit! 2015.06.16

EHG Mini: TV Pet Sematary

Bringing shows back to life, even though we know we shouldn't. 2015.05.22

EHG 41: Making It Work (Yum!)

Go Fug Yourself's Jessica Morgan returns for discussions of Project Runway, The Quest, and fandom portmanteaux. 2014.08.18

EHG 33: Summer TV Weather Report

Joe Reid returns to talk about the shows we'll be enjoying in some A/C this summer. 2014.06.10

EHG Mini: My Favourite TV Robot

We go around the horn to identify the best artificially intelligent characters on television. 2014.01.15

Happy Birthday, STAMOS!

I hope he's calling all his friends to hassle them on the one day they can't get mad. 2013.08.19S01.E12

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