Chicago Fire

Editing: That Scene Didn’t Need To Be There

Step into the cutting room with veteran editor Micky Blythe. 2016.07.13

Fire, Fighters, And Firefighters In Lunch And A Show

Dylan Baker, baby fight club, and Teresa Giudice. Hungry yet? 2015.09.02

With Two You Get Eye-Roll

Not audience eye-roll, surprisingly! The trois-over event is not bad -- but Chicago PD and SVU team up for some serious side-eyes. 2015.04.29S16.E20

Fahrenheit Fart 51

Fart Faces Of Chicago Fire kicks off the three-part Dick Wolf crossoversplosion. 2015.04.28S03.E21

EHG 58: Riddle Of The Jinx

True crime aficionada Eve Batey joins us to talk about HBO's new docuseries, The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst...and more! 2015.02.10

TCA 2015: A Spy, A Lesbian, Some Bros, And Jesus Walk Into A Network...

The stars are shiny at NBC, but the shows could use buffing. 2015.01.16

A Tale Of Two Citiezzzz

One investigation, two police squads, three different NBC shows, eleventy scenes about how Benson is the bestest evah, no Barba, no bueno. 2014.11.13S16.E07

Treat Williams Has Never Played Steve Garvey In A Post-Career Biopic About Garvey's Life

This is a major-league missed opportunity. Sarah is not a crackpot. 2014.09.16

Subject To A Fine

In the proud tradition of TV first responders since time immemorial, Chicago Fire's Shay won't take time off after a frequent flier kills himself in front of her. 2013.10.16S02.E04

It's A Towering Inferno. OF ACTING.

The Chicago Fire premiere, as told via pictures of very significant staring. 2013.09.25S02.E01


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