Should You Chase White Dragon?

Or did we all say Hong Kong phooey to this imported crime drama? Allison Lowe Huff on that, a mini-Wheel of Murder, a Charmed Canon entry, and more! 2019.02.13

Taking It One Day At A Time

Kim Reed on the Netflix remake's second season, plus Call The Midwife and a Tara-led Game Time! 2018.01.31

The Spy Who Loved Crunches: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2002 Fall TV Preview

Jennifer Garner's midriff sells this issue -- as does her dewy and wholesome interview -- in a magazine that feels like a letter from a time much further away than fourteen years. 2016.08.29

Phoebe Halliwell Died Nine Times On Charmed

And you can die of vicarious embarrassment at how budge that show was as you watch this death-scene montage. 2016.05.19

When Dudes Cry: A Hall Of Fame/Shame

James Van Der Beek may be TV's most famous terrible male crier, but he's hardly the only one. 2013.12.20

If A Hit You Wish To See, You Must Recast The Sisters Three!

As CBS searches for its next hit drama, the restless spirit of a legendary producer appears with a can’t-miss concept. 2013.10.29


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