Celebrity Wife Swap

Twin, Place, Or Show

Sarah D. Bunting's most memorable television twins. ('DOT COM!') 2015.06.25S17.E01

When A Sitcom Star Swaps With A Former Teen Porn Star, The Results Scarcely Elicit Even One 'Oooooh, Mary!'

Jackée Harry and Traci Lords live very different lives, but everyone's pretty cool with their choices in Celebrity Wife Swap's weirdly subdued season premiere. 2015.05.21S04.E01

Celebrity Wife Swap Pits An NFL Star Against An Oscar-Winning Hip-Hop Artist, With Meh Results

The season closes with a dull outing starring two checked-out dads. Yes, again. 2014.07.30

When Soap Stars Do Celebrity Wife Swap, Does Ronn Moss Think It's...Like A Real Wife Swap?

Because it kind of seems like he and his skinny scarves are practising The Art Of Seduction on Mrs. Tyler Christopher. 2014.07.23S09.E12

Penn Jillette Is An Atheist, And Judy Gold's Girlfriend Hears Alllllllll About It

Turn seventeen, Penn. And tell your kids to quit being so rude during Shabbos dinner, damn. 2014.07.02

Speidi vs. Olympian Boils Down To Margaritas vs. Fly Fishing

What, if anything, will reality TV flotsam Spencer and Heidi learn from swimming champion Amanda Beard? 2014.06.25S09.E08

What Does David Justice Learn From Celebrity Wife Swapping With Dweezil Zappa?

Tea party proficiency? Yes. Green laundry techniques? Not really. 2014.06.04S09.E07

Soul Food vs. Fancy Lean Cuisine

Sarah and Tara have strong views about Gina Neely's life swap with Angie Everhart, starting with: more waffles, please! 2014.05.14S09.E05

Laila Ali vs. Angie Stone Is Really Organic Bananas vs. Cupcakes

The Greatest Of All Time Jr. swaps lives with a diabetic R&B diva/soul food enthusiast, with predictable results. 2014.05.07S09.E04

Celebrity Wife Swap Makes Both Sarah And Tara Want To Marry Tichina Arnold

The Martin star trades husbands with a Mormon ex-Baywatch star. Turns out they live VERY different lives! (Tichina's is better.) 2014.04.30S09.E03

Champagne Wishes And Thumb-Losing Dreams

Robin Leach and Eric Roberts trade wives, because why wouldn't they. Sarah and Tara judge everyone involved. 2014.04.23S09.E02

Fake Marriage To Jermaine Jackson Puts Daniel Baldwin's Girlfriend In A 'State Of Shock'

...sorry. But there is really no contest as to which husband is worse in the Celebrity Wife Swap season premiere, as Sarah and Tara agree. 2014.04.16S09.E01


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